PLANO – Human Coalition has filed an amicus curiae or “friend of the court” brief with the Supreme Court of the United States in support of a host of pro-life clinics targeted by the state of California for discrimination. In 2014, California passed unconstitutional legislation censuring the work of 135 pro-life clinics throughout the state by mandating that some pro-life clinics conspicuously state on-site that California has public programs providing – among other things – free and low-cost abortions to eligible women.  The legislation mandates that other pro-life clinics post discrediting disclaimers about their services. 

Human Coalition stands in solidarity with California’s pro-life clinics. These clinics are operated by individuals who have dedicated their time, treasure, and talents to serving women in need of compassionate care and extending hope to their preborn children. California’s egregious legislation tramples on the rights of these individuals and centers to serve their communities.  

Human Coalition’s plan to expand into the state of California would be severely impeded by the state’s unconstitutional legislation in question. Our ability to serve the unreached population of abortion-determined women and rescue their children would be impeded by a requirement to publicize the unconscionable provision of free killing services and/or other impediments to our ability to serve the women and children of California.  

In compelling the speech of these pro-life clinics, the California legislature appears to clearly violate the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. Collectively represented by the National Institute of Family and Life Advocates (NIFLA), these centers have turned to the Supreme Court of the United States for a holding that will protect their ability to exercise their First Amendment rights without retribution from the state of California.  

Brian Fisher, President and Co-Founder of Human Coalition, stated: “Every child deserves to be born and no woman should be betrayed by the false promise that her child’s violent death will make her free. In light of California’s crusade against women and children, it is not surprising to see the creation of unconstitutional legislation aimed at choking out the life-affirming messages of California’s pro-life clinics. We stand with NIFLA and the pro-life centers it represents.“ 

Read Human Coalition’s amicus brief here.

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