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In this newsletter, you’ll find an amazing story of a family who was rescued thanks to your support, updates on what to look out for in future communications, and insights into how you can continue to partner with us in the mission to make abortion unthinkable and unnecessary.

Before sharing these updates with you, I wanted to remind you of just how important your support is in today’s culture.

Recently, the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research released a disturbing poll showing that 57% of Americans believe abortion should be legal in all or most cases. Another survey from Pew Research shows that 43% of Americans identifying as Protestant and 56% of Americans identifying as Catholic say abortion should be legal in all or most cases.

These polls reveal how influential the abortion industry’s messaging has become. Their lies are bleeding into our communities, our families, and even our churches. And as a result, future generations of children continue to be killed in abortion clinics every single day.

But thanks to your partnership, Human Coalition is providing help and hope to women in some of the most abortion-dense cities across America and shining a light into spiritual darkness.

Over 75% of the women who come to Human Coalition considering an abortion state that if their life circumstances were different, they would prefer to keep their child.

That’s why the work you do is so critical.

You provide moms and families with real help and solutions to the circumstances they face. You show them they have options other than abortion. And you walk with them long after the crisis has passed, providing the resources and support they need.

You are truly making a difference. And together, the pro-life movement is making progress in the fight for life.

Thank you for your ongoing partnership in this mission, and I hope you enjoy this newsletter. God bless you!

For Life,

Jeff Bradford

Your Lifesaving Impact on a Family: “Tiffany” and “Jeremy”

Jeremy, Tiffany, and their baby

Tiffany felt like she was about to have a panic attack. She suddenly couldn’t breathe — why was this happening to her?

The pregnancy test in her hands showed a positive result, and the questions raced through her mind.

  • What would her parents say?
  • What would her boyfriend, “Jeremy,” do?
  • What did her future look like?
  • What hope did her baby have?

Tiffany was lost in the unknown. Abortion seemed like a quick fix that would solve all her problems and answer all her questions. But could Tiffany really abort her child?

When Tiffany searched for abortion services in her area, she came across one of Human Coalition’s life-affirming Women’s Care Clinics. She suddenly felt a ray of hope . . .

Tiffany called the number and was met with a voice of compassion, grace, and truth. While she was soon planning to be out of town, she was connected to a nurse who offered to check in on her through emails and text messages.

Tiffany agreed, and over the coming weeks, the nurse stayed in close contact with her, providing the emotional support she needed as she considered her options. The nurse shared about all the resources available to Tiffany through Human Coalition’s Continuum of Care program – which partners like YOU make possible. And the nurse told her that there was a full team ready to support her and stand beside her – no matter how her family reacted.

After weeks of counsel and emotional support, Tiffany believed that life was the right option for her. It was no longer just about convenience. Tiffany believed that her baby had the right to live and that God had a purpose for her child.

With many around Tiffany praying, Jeremy stood with her in her decision for life. They were then connected with a local church and even got married soon after.

Today, they are awaiting the arrival of their child and cannot wait to build their new life together.

This story is just one example of how your giving transforms entire families. Thank you for standing in the gap for families like Tiffany’s and showing them they have options other than abortion!

When You Support Human Coalition, You’re in Great Company!

“It’s important to do all we can to rid our nation of this abomination [abortion] that kills children God has created.” —Pam

“I am so blessed to help save sweet innocent babies and allow them to be born.” —Jessica

“Life is God-breathed and should be protected as such. Babies are always a blessing!” —Madison

“It is so important to save these precious little lives and also to save the women from a lifetime of regret.” —Mandy

On the Lookout…

As you may know, Human Coalition wrapped up fiscal year 2021 at the end of June, capping off another amazing year of rescuing children and serving families. Despite the tumultuous year in America, you were so faithful to this lifesaving mission with your prayers and support. And because of you, thousands of children were rescued and thousands of families were connected to life-changing resources to promote lasting stability.

In a few weeks, Human Coalition will release the fiscal year 2021 Annual Report – which will outline the impact of your support over the last year.

Be on the lookout for an email in your inbox soon with information about how you can get your digital copy of this report. We can’t wait to share it with you!

Pray for the National Rescue System

Will you pray for each of Human Coalition’s Women’s Care Clinics?

Will you pray for the Human Coalition staff as they work with women who are considering abortion?

Will you pray for the moms and families being served?

Will you pray that they choose life for their preborn children?

Thank you for reading the Summer 2021 edition of the Human Connection. Learn how you can get involved and rescue even more children and families from abortion here:

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