One question I’m often asked is how I feel about the future for preborn life in America. My answer is always the same.

I feel hope.

Over the past year, state legislatures across the country have passed incredible bills that protect preborn children and their families from abortion. And for the first time in 30 years, a law directly challenging Roe v. Wade is being considered by the Supreme Court.

Roe’s tragic decision has resulted in over 62 million children being aborted since 1973. We now see the dawn of a new day where it may soon be reversed!

The tide is rapidly turning as people rise on behalf of the most vulnerable among us. They see the inherent value of every preborn child and work to protect them from the greatest atrocity happening in our nation today.  

Texas Paves the Way

On the forefront defending innocent life is Texas.

During its last legislative session, the state’s leaders reflected the caring hearts of Texans as they advanced bold policies to stop abortion. The most important bill passed was the Heartbeat Act, a law that prohibits abortion after the detection of a child’s heartbeat. Unlike heartbeat bills in other states, Texas’ version is enforced exclusively through private civil lawsuits instead of the government.

Texas’ Heartbeat Act is monumental because it is the first successful six-week abortion ban since Roe v. Wade was decided almost 50 years ago.

A preborn child’s heartbeat – which is typically detected between six to eight weeks of pregnancy – is clear evidence of human life. During a hearing on the Heartbeat Act at the Texas Capitol, one of our Human Coalition sonographers, Misty Tate, presented the audio recordings of two heartbeats: that of a six-week-old preborn child and that of a 20-week-old preborn child.

She played the recordings for the lawmakers without saying which heartbeat belonged to which child – and no one could distinguish the difference. The heartbeats of both preborn children sounded the exact same.

This poignant moment brought the room to tears.

Medical developments like this make it increasingly difficult to deny the brutal reality of abortion. Leaders in Texas recognized this reality and took brave, decisive action to ensure that all beating hearts in Texas can continue to beat.

Since the Heartbeat Act went into effect in September, abortions in Texas have fallen by more than half. Over 100 preborn children are rescued from abortion every single day.

As Texas protects preborn children, it also helps care for mothers.

In 2006, the state created the Alternatives to Abortion (A2A) program to provide childbirth and support services to pregnant women and their families who are at or near the poverty line. During the last session, the Texas Legislature increased funding for this program to $100 million over two years.

This incredible commitment will increase the number of women reached and served. More families will be brought to a place of stability – and more children rescued from abortion in Texas. 

Women Fighting for Life

The Yellow Rose of Texas award is given by the Governor to women who show exceptional service to their communities and the state. I am both extremely honored and grateful to receive this award. I know it is not about Texas leaders recognizing me, it’s about them recognizing the worth of preborn children. Texas truly prioritizes their lives – and it values the work that women are doing to protect them.

The Women of Human Coalition pictured in front of the Texas State Capitol

From caring for pregnant women and their families, to advocating in state capitols, women play a leading role in the fight for life. That’s why I applaud these amazing women who are in the process of making history today. They are the women generations after us will remember. 

At Human Coalition, approximately 87% of our organization is comprised of women. It’s an absolute joy to serve alongside them and see the way they work – day in and day out – to make abortion unthinkable and unnecessary.

Together, we stand in strong opposition to the culture’s lies that abortion is a fundamental right and that it empowers women.

The truth is: pro-life is pro-woman.

Human Coalition serves thousands of women each year who are looking for information about abortion. These women are worried about finances, housing, and childcare challenges, and they don’t feel like they have any other choice than abortion. 

Seventy-five percent of the women who come to Human Coalition seeking an abortion say that if their life circumstances were different, they would prefer to parent their child.

To serve these women, people and organizations from around the country have joined with Human Coalition to build a National Rescue System. Through this System, women are given resources that empower them to choose life, and they are offered long-term support that brings their families to a place where they are stable and thriving.

Life Post-Roe v. Wade

Our work on behalf of these vulnerable families will not be over if Roe v. Wade is overturned.

With Roe’s reversal, the federal mandate legalizing abortion will end, with the authority on whether to allow it falling to each individual state. Abortion will likely be restricted in 26 states – which will be truly lifesaving! Conversely, the procedure will likely remain legal in 24 states where efforts to rescue the preborn from abortion must continue

Even though laws in half the states may thankfully change, women facing unexpected pregnancies will still need help and hope. In response, efforts are underway to scale the National Rescue System and expand it into new states and abortion-dense markets. Post-Roe, more women will seek life-affirming care; the National Rescue System will be prepared to meet this flood of increased need. 

It will also be critical for citizens to keep advocating for the preborn and press for bills such as the Every Mother Matters Act (EMMA), which would provide mothers with immediate personal support, long-term solutions, and health pregnancy benefits through trained licensed professionals.

Texas has provided a blueprint for what life can look like after Roe, and the results are nothing but inspiring.

Moms are reached. Children are rescued from abortion. And families are restored to stability.

America is ready for this tremendous change for human life. And I’m filled with great hope.


Today is a pivotal time in the fight for life, and pro-life champions like you are needed now more than ever. Learn more on how to get involved in Human Coalition’s lifesaving work here

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