Part 2: Overturning Roe v. Wade Did not End Abortion

Roe v. Wade’s repeal this summer was a pivotal turning point in the fight for life. You likely felt the momentum swing to the side of life. And such a shift hasn’t happened in decades.  
But what you may not know is that thousands of children remain in danger of being aborted today. In fact, abortion is available in 75% of the country … right now.    

That’s why I’m sharing the most important truths you need to know in a new series of blog posts. A few weeks ago, I shared point #1 on why the so-called “right” to abortion is not constitutional. And today, I want to share point #2 with you: Roe’s reversal did NOT end abortion in America.  

The reality is that many Americans believe abortion is now outlawed across the entire country following Roe’s repeal. This is unfortunately not true. 

Rather, the federal mandate for abortion ended with Roe’s reversal, and the decision on whether to allow the atrocity returned to where it was prior to Roe: the individual states.  

Once again, each state has the authority to enforce its own abortion laws without interference from the federal government. From a constitutional standpoint, this is where the authority on abortion rightfully belongs.  

From the beginning, this issue should have been decided by the American people through elected officials and constitutional legislation. This allows Americans to push for meaningful change protecting life in their home state and take steps to make abortion unthinkable and unnecessary state by state.  

Right now, 26 states are poised to protect life following Roe’s repeal, which is truly lifesaving. These states enacted life-affirming “trigger bills” or pre-Roe statutes that are immediately enforceable after Roe was struck down by the Supreme Court.  

While only 9 of these states protect life from the point of conception, pro-life advocates like you and me celebrate the progress while continuing to push to protect even more children in the womb.  

Sadly, abortion is still legal and widely available in 24 states, where preborn children and their families remain in grave danger.  

The abortion lobby is adapting in the wake of Roe’s repeal, pushing to expand abortion access in almost half the states.  

In the months leading up to the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization ruling, pro-abortion states feverishly raced to enact radical and deadly laws codifying abortion “rights” into their state laws. Some are now seeking to enshrine them into their state constitutions.  

And at the federal level, D.C. lawmakers tried (and thankfully failed thus far) to advance legislation through Congress to codify abortion, even up to birth, in all 50 states.  

But on the other end of the spectrum, many pro-life states stand strong on behalf of children in the womb and their moms. And at this critical moment, it’s imperative that more states, lawmakers, and citizens rise and do the same to protect women and children from abortion.  

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With Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry spreading dangerous misinformation about abortion, I wanted to clarify some facts for you. I hope this e-book equips you to better understand what is likely to happen with Roe now in the rearview. And I hope it encourages you to be even more involved in this lifesaving work too. God bless you! 

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