The Continuum of Care program offered by Human Coalition coordinates long-term assistance for moms walking through unexpected pregnancies. Through a network of support services, women and families are helped both during and after the pregnancy. This program leverages best-in-class local churches, civic organizations, and government agencies that provide financial support, job training, job placement, education, housing, health care, and more. 

76% of women seeking an abortion say they’d prefer to parent if their circumstances were different. 

The Continuum of Care program pairs a mom with a social worker who can help address the circumstances prompting her to seek an abortion. A mother who once felt she had no other choice but abortion, can now choose what her heart wants more than anything, life for her baby. 

How the Continuum of Care Program Works 

Because these circumstances play a large role in the mom’s desire for an abortion, she receives the offer to participate in the Continuum of Care program during her first counseling session. She is then paired with a social worker. 

It’s important for the social worker to first understand the challenges the mother is facing. The Continuum of Care program has over 7,000 resources available for expectant moms. A care plan is custom created for each mother. It includes a combination of private and public resources providing assistance with employment, housing, education, and finances.  

The social worker is now equipped to assist the mom as she pursues and applies for appropriate resources to aid in long-term stability for herself and her family.  

Urgent issues such as housing may arise that need to be addressed right away. In this instance, it may be donors, a local church, or a government program that is the answer to this problem.  

If a woman needs assistance with food, local food pantries and donors may supply these goods. In situations where domestic violence exists, the police are made aware and a local women’s shelter is contacted.  

The resources are endless and it’s the social worker’s job to match them accordingly. The social worker walks with the mother throughout her pregnancy, and long after, making sure her tangible, emotional, and financial needs are met.  

The Importance of Continuum of Care in the Lives of Mothers and Babies 

The goal of the Continuum of Care program is to provide each mother facing an unexpected pregnancy with a holistic approach to care so that she can parent her child. This program empowers moms to overcome obstacles previously preventing them from choosing life for their baby.  

However, this program is designed to assist the mom in achieving stability through her own power. The mother’s determination to conquer her challenges will contribute to her long-term success in overcoming them. This is not a one-and-done type of plan; the mom must be willing to act and continue making strides. Offering these resources to expecting mothers significantly influences their choices regarding the life of their child. 

The Continuum of Care program desires to see restoration within the family unit. The program is facilitated by social workers who know how to overcome the challenges these moms are facing, know how to navigate the existing network of resources available to them, and care deeply about their success. The social workers often maintain relationships with clients and families long after the crisis has passed, and even after the baby is born.  

Another aspect of the social worker’s job is that they can plug clients and families into local church communities to ensure a sustained network of ongoing, compassionate support. This happens by connecting them with mentors who can provide these moms with a stable relationship within their own community. A mentor can be a long-term positive influence that this mom can lean on as she raises her child.  

We have found that when moms receive the support, care, and encouragement they need, the likelihood that the mom chooses life increases dramatically. When we care for moms walking through unexpected pregnancies, we will see abortion become entirely unnecessary in the eyes of women across America. With the aid of the Continuum of Care program, more mothers facing unexpected pregnancies are being cared for. They are empowered to parent. And more children are being rescued from abortion. 

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