Answered Prayer

For years, we prayed God would bless our efforts to rescue the children and families of Atlanta from the death grip of abortion. We worked toward this goal, and we boldly prayed for what seemed impossible: that God would end abortion in this city once and for all. Well, our recent transition into the Human Coalition family of women’s care clinics proved to all of us that God was listening and planning to answer our prayers in ways that exceeded all of our expectations.

As the former director of Care Net Pregnancy Resource Center of Atlanta, I can tell you that joining the Human Coalition family is the answer to our ceaseless prayers for help. We are humbled and reinvigorated to be a part of this organization, which is equipped to end abortion by identifying and reaching women and children on the brink of abortion in our city. We will engage our local churches in this fight and continue identifying women who are actively searching for abortions in our community, so that together, we can make our city a beacon of LIFE.

During the first week of our transition, over 100 calls came into the center from women who’d already determined that abortion was their only viable choice. We know the hand of God is moving over the city of Atlanta, and we see His fingerprints everywhere we look.