Forgotten Voices Require Our Attention

When we consider the preborn who were aborted – those forgotten voices whose parents-to-be, circumstances, and society failed them – it should cause us great sorrow, propelling us to pray and ask how we might lovingly help others like them, as well as their vulnerable mothers and fathers. As a society that has condoned abortion, we must ask for forgiveness for failing to protect our young in the womb. What a terrible loss of life! And next, we must learn from our mistakes and do better.

Prevailing through prayer

Over time, Human Coalition has learned to fight harder and smarter. We have become more strategic in the battle for the preborn, increasing our number of women’s care clinics, as well as professional staff to serve those who come to us. We have grown spiritually as well, realizing the work we do must always be bathed in prayer as we seek God’s will for ourselves, our clients, and our supporters.

Since we just celebrated the birth of our Lord, that event should serve as a reminder that we always have help from above to accomplish the mission at hand. We are never alone, as we remember that our marching orders come from God above. The Bible tells us every human life at the moment of conception is life, and as such, it is therefore sacred and created by God!