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Lighting the Way

According to Current Results’ Weather Extremes, out of all U.S. cities, Pittsburgh ranks third for the number of cloudy days per year. That means on 306 days, or 84% of the year, it is cloudy in the Burgh. We follow Seattle (#2) and Buffalo (#1).

Would it be fair to say we need to make our own sunshine? Yes. And as a Pittsburgh native, that’s exactly what I think of regarding all aspects of our women’s care clinic. We work in situations that can feel dark. Situational storms brew and cause chaos in our clients’ lives. So we come alongside the women who are experiencing these storms and help them rebuild their lives in the aftermath of the crisis.

The Body of Christ

Our clinic director, Amy Lavelle; her staff; the clinic’s volunteers; the mentors; local churches; and other team members provide sunshine or light amidst the clouds in a woman’s life. Each time the body of Christ engages one of our clients, light pierces the darkness and provides cover from the storm.

When a woman comes into our care system, she is in an anxious and fearful state. There is great confusion caused by her situation, which makes choosing life seem impossible.

It’s at this point of initial and critical contact that we get to help a woman pump the brakes on what’s happening, realize that her unique situation isn’t impossible, and receive comfort and practical help from our clinic. As she begins to see she has a long-term support system, hope and light return to her life – removing the cloud cover she’s been experiencing, and opening the door for her to choose life for her child.


I’m grateful for not only the incredible work that our clinic staff, volunteers, mentors, and churches do each day, but also our clients’ courage. Because ultimately, they are the ones who decide to make a life decision for their precious children.

Victory happens every time people in our community choose to value life and restore the family. Each time a preborn child is allowed to be born and live the life God intended, there is a sense of renewal. Seeing families and communities come together is fulfilling work. It brings light into the darkness, and it fills our spirits with the joy and love of family – as God intended.

May we break through any clouds this spring – and especially during the upcoming Easter season – with His sunshine. Remember to keep looking vertically to the God of Light, because through Him all things are possible, and all things are made new.

— Human Coalition’s Director of Strategic Partnership, Bill Pierce