Standing In the Gap

Each month, the Charlotte Women’s Care Clinic serves, on average, 120 women who are planning to abort. Their circumstances weigh so heavily in their lives that they cannot see another option. This is where we step in. Whether it’s the client’s initial conversation with the receptionist, the registered nurse providing information about their options, or the registered diagnostic medical sonographer performing an ultrasound, each client is met with compassionate professional care. We are blessed to have a robust staff to handle the volume of clients we serve.

But we couldn’t do what we do without the support of individuals and partner churches. Here are a few examples of how the local Church is standing in the gap for mothers and families in need:

  • We can bless our clients with material items because members of First Baptist Church of Charlotte are encouraged to serve outside their four walls. Several Sunday school classes mobilized to purchase needed baby items that will be put directly into the hands of our clients. They gathered everything from diapers to baby clothes!
  • Carmel Baptist Church sent a team of stalwart individuals to remove spray paint from our medical mobile unit after it was vandalized in our parking lot. Our staff pulled into work on a Friday morning to find the side of the unit covered in red spray paint. After reporting the incident to the police, staff members researched how to remove the paint, and the team from Carmel showed up on Saturday! They were able to remove the paint without damaging the vinyl wrap, saving us thousands of dollars and making it so our unit could be deployed the following week.
  • Elevation Church sent four teams to work on projects for the women’s care clinic during their LOVE Week outreach. Team One assembled 500 spa gift bags for clients. These spa bags are a tangible expression of our love and care for each woman we serve. Team Two tackled the landscaping. They weeded, trimmed, and mulched around the clinic property so we present a pleasant and professional appearance to all who visit. Teams Three and Four each painted a room inside the clinic. The staff now has a beautiful prayer room to retreat to when needed, and a flex space that can be used for exercise or additional office space.

We are incredibly grateful for every individual and organization that gives of their time, talent, and treasure to support the mission of the women’s care clinic and Human Coalition!