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Thrift Store Gives Hope

From Mitzi Bissette, Community Engagement Coordinator:

Thanks to God’s grace, I’m buying a home. I’m beyond excited but also nervous. I’ve reflected on what an absolute blessing it is to have a place to live, but I am saddened too because most of our clients need housing. Our clients face many challenges, the main three being finding a job (or a better paying one), housing, and childcare.


Paying for housing is expensive everywhere in this country. Add to that the long list of expenses that come with caring for the physical needs of a new baby, and it can be overwhelming. Thankfully, God has given an answer to prayer through a ministry we have in the Raleigh area. Missions Thrift Store, a ministry of Crossroads Fellowship, is allowing Human Coalition volunteers to earn “Baby Bucks” that can be gifted to and used by our clients to shop in the thrift store. Since they offer clothes and household items, including furniture, it is a blessing to our clients and our volunteers.


Our clients are able to afford the things they need for their home, like a toaster, a side table, or chairs that will enable them to have a sense of dignity and pride. Our volunteers are excited, knowing their hours of service have a direct and tangible impact on the women we reach, and they are helping to restore local families to stability. This partnership allows clients the opportunity to reduce some of the financial burden of housing, by providing extras they otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford.

We are so excited to partner with area churches like Crossroads Fellowship, and we are very thankful to God for His continued favor.