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DeAnna’s Story

Every day, thousands of women facing unexpected pregnancies search the Internet for abortion or abortion-related terms. Such was the case with DeAnna, a young single mom whose life was turned upside down when Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast in 2005. Hopeless and vulnerable, DeAnna moved across the country to begin a new life after her home in New Orleans was destroyed. “I thought this was a chance to start over,” she says about her cross-country relocation.

But DeAnna’s dreams of a new start seemed dashed when she became pregnant. The father of the baby, a man whom DeAnna believed truly loved her, abandoned DeAnna to face her pregnancy alone. DeAnna then turned to the Internet to find abortion information.

That’s when Human Coalition connected with her. Watch this powerful video to find out what happened to DeAnna and her unborn baby.

DeAnna’s story is a powerful reminder of how your gift helps save lives. That beautiful 6 pound 4 ounce baby boy is alive today because people like you chose to give to Human Coalition. DeAnna relishes the joy of having chosen life. And your generous donation helps more women like DeAnna experience the joy that awaits them when they choose LIFE.