Robin’s Story

It’s one thing for an abortion-determined woman to courageously change her mind and choose life. It’s another for that same woman to go on record and tell her story – to a camera.

If you’ve been reading our updates for the last several years, you may recall me sharing the story of Robin, who went online to find an abortion provider. Human Coalition encouraged her to contact her local pregnancy center instead. She was intent on aborting her baby, but through the loving counsel of a center director and the image of her daughter on an ultrasound machine, Robin changed her mind and chose life.

This is a story that needs to be shared time and time again. Please help us preserve this story and spread the joy Robin found in choosing life.

Again, we thank you for your continued prayers and financial support. Human Coalition has quadrupled its reach in the last 15 weeks, and we are beginning to see lives saved in new states across the country.

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