Like most young women her age, “Amnesty” had big dreams. She would marry the man she loved, and they would move in together and live happily ever after. But those dreams came to an abrupt halt when Amnesty learned she was pregnant.

When she shared the news of her pregnancy with her boyfriend, he walked away from her and cut off all contact. She eventually learned he already had a family living in another part of town, so he wanted nothing to do with her or their baby.

Pregnant, unemployed, and devastated, Amnesty searched online for information on abortion. That’s when she found Human Coalition – Raleigh and made an appointment.

Amnesty had multiple abortions in her past. And though she hated the idea of having another one, she couldn’t see another way out of her situation. She was too depressed to start a job search; wondering if anyone would hire a pregnant woman.

Our staff listened to Amnesty and helped her see past her immediate obstacles. We polished up her résumé, connected her with community resources for single moms, and assisted her with other living essentials. We reminded her that while the baby’s father may have left her, we’d walk alongside her every step of the way.

The moment of truth came when Amnesty met her baby for the first time via ultrasound. When she saw that tiny, translucent baby on the monitor – with his wiggly legs and strong heartbeat – Amnesty decided to give her baby a chance at LIFE.

Over the next several weeks, our staff assisted Amnesty in launching her job search and obtaining some part-time work. Although the loss of her boyfriend still grieves her, she knows she isn’t alone. With the support of our staff and volunteers, Amnesty is finding hope and blessings amidst the struggles of her pregnancy.