When “Avery” learned she was pregnant, it seemed like the odds were stacked against her. The baby’s father had recently broken up with her. She was already working two jobs just to make ends meet while going to nursing school. And, according to Avery, her parents would be devastated by her pregnancy.

By the time Avery visited our clinic, she was convinced an abortion was her only option. She had even visited Planned Parenthood to discuss the procedure. But a free ultrasound provided by our trained sonographer revealed that Avery’s pregnancy was much further along than she or anyone at Planned Parenthood had originally believed. In fact, her pregnancy was well beyond the legal limit to get an abortion. Avery’s anxiety turned into outright panic, and she left our clinic that day feeling horrified and overwhelmed at the sudden change in her options.

Our caregiver kept in constant contact with Avery, and she eventually found the courage to tell her parents about the pregnancy. To her surprise and delight, they were supportive; and they even began accompanying Avery to her appointments at our clinic.

We connected Avery with local services that could meet her needs during her pregnancy and beyond. Our Care Coordinator helped Avery procure affordable medical care, financial assistance, and baby supplies. Within three months, Avery returned to our clinic to show off her baby girl. Although she still struggled with being a mom at such a young age, Avery thanked our clinic for giving her hope when she had none.

But her thanks should really go to you, our donors, whose financial and prayerful support allowed our staff to minister to Avery and her baby. Without you, it’s likely that Avery never would have found our women’s care clinic or received the compassion and love that helped her choose LIFE.

On behalf of Avery and thousands of at-risk women like her, thank you!