When Billie learned she was pregnant, she fell into despair. Having recently lost her mother, she felt desperately alone and scared. An online search led her to Human Coalition. She made an appointment at our women’s care clinic hoping she’d “at least have someone to talk to.”

During her first visit, Billie met with one of our trained counselors to weigh her life-affirming options. And throughout the entire process, Billie never felt pressured, judged, or condemned. Instead, she was shown love and compassion. She knew that the counselor and everyone else at Human Coalition desired only the best for her and her baby.

When Billie saw her baby for the first time on the ultrasound monitor, she was determined to choose life. But how could she overcome the many obstacles looming before her?

That’s when we introduced Billie to Becky, our Continuum of Care Coordinator. The Continuum of Care Coordinator’s responsibility is to come alongside hurting women and connect them with community support services to help them choose life and thrive as parents.

After I officially decided to keep the baby, I met Becky; she basically turned into a really good friend,” Billie recalls of her many meetings with Becky.

Becky not only helped Billie access material and financial resources to jump-start her parenthood journey, but she also provided emotional and spiritual support by connecting Billie with a mentor.

I was put into a mentoring program, where I met Judy. She’s helped me with anything and everything possible,” says Billie.

Having already raised her own family, Judy came alongside Billie and provided the support Billie needed to parent her own child. But more importantly, Judy became a good friend to Billie in her time of need.

When talking about her special relationship with Judy, Billie smiles, “When Judy stepped in, it was a relief to know I had someone by my side. She has even gotten me to the point where I want to go to church… and I enjoy it!”

Though she admits that being a single mom is not easy, Billie knows she has the support she needs to get through even the toughest days. “I’m not afraid, and I have a whole new community of friends I can count on.”

When asked what advice she would give to a woman struggling with an unexpected pregnancy, Billie says, “You’re not going to get the help if you don’t ask for it. That’s what Human Coalition is there for.”

Thank YOU for supporting our mission to reach women like Billie and give them the life-affirming care they need to choose life for their children. Because of your generosity, Billie’s baby is alive and thriving.

Thank you for giving the gift of LIFE!