“Kristin” was in a place she never imagined she’d be. Twenty years old and pregnant—and planning to have an abortion.

While she spent her days waiting tables, she dreamt of attending college and earning a degree in finance. She lived in an apartment with her boyfriend, who wanted her to abort their baby. She feared he would leave her if she didn’t go through with the procedure.

Like so many clients who walk through the doors of our women’s care clinics in DFW, Kristin said she would carry her baby if her life were more stable. Now was not the right time to have a child.

Kristin’s mind began to change during her appointment, thanks to one of our compassionate caregivers who shared her own story.

The caregiver told Kristin how she’d worked hard in school and graduated from college when her little girl was 4 years old. Her daughter is now 24 and a mother to a 4-year-old son.

It dawned on Kristin that, like the caregiver, she could have a 4-year-old when she graduated from college. And, like the caregiver’s daughter, she could have a 4-year-old at age 24.

She asked the caregiver, “So it really can be done?”

The caregiver replied, “You can do anything you set your mind to.”

Fast-forward a few months, and Kristin is now the mother to a beautiful baby girl.

After her daughter’s birth, Kristin visited our clinic to introduce us to her baby. We gave her a gift and celebrated this sweet new life. Kristin shared that her father had recently passed away, but her baby had brought her family such joy amidst their sorrow. She also told us her boyfriend was in rehab, but he was excited to meet their daughter soon.

As the caregiver walked Kristin to her car, she noticed a parking sticker from a local college on the windshield. Kristin told her she was enrolled in classes and working toward her degree.

The caregiver gave Kristin a hug and told her how proud she was of her.

Kristin is proof that it can be done. God is working in the hearts and minds of our staff and women in difficult situations, so that His image bearers are rescued from death in the womb. Thanks for supporting us in this work!