The Battle Between Conviction and Convenience 

With her college degree underway, “Nevaeh” got pregnant. Studying data analytics, Nevaeh had big aspirations, but motherhood was not one of them.  

The thought of completing her college education while walking through her first pregnancy did not sound appealing. There was still so much to achieve and accomplish. It all seemed backwards to her. She desired to be married first before having children. What was she to do? What options did she have? Nevaeh didn’t love the idea of abortion and wrestled with her morals when it really came down to it. 

She knew in her heart what the right decision was. 

But her mind was at war with her heart.  

Maybe if she wasn’t pursuing an education, she’d keep the baby. Maybe if she was married. Maybe if she was a homeowner. What if her circumstances were different? 

The timing of all this was an inconvenience.  

Nevaeh’s Incredible Story Continues… 

She began to research her options when she came across Human Coalition and dialed the phone number. The nurse who answered patiently explained to Nevaeh her options and their outcomes. Her fears surrounding pregnancy began to fade away and she thought, maybe there is a way around these obstacles. Maybe I don’t have to give up motherhood and my dreams. 

What if the outcome could be different? What if she could have her baby and still pursue her degree? What if her dreams didn’t have to change? What if these limitations didn’t have to limit her desires?  

With her mind and heart tugging her back-and-forth week after week, she was paired with a social worker in the Continuum of Care program. Her social worker was patient and compassionate as Nevaeh wrestled with her biggest decision yet. After weeks of visiting the pregnancy center and regular phone calls, the moment came when she made her decision. 

Nevaeh’s heart won out; she chose life! She realized that with the support of her social worker she could parent and chase her dreams. Though she felt that the timing of her pregnancy was an inconvenience, she was determined not to view her baby the same way.  

Moving forward with her boyfriend’s support, they made a plan to prepare for their child and decided to become a family. To this day, Nevaeh continues to pursue her dreams and will have her education completed soon. She even participated in an internship while pregnant and is happily preparing for a life as a family of three. 

Through a survey of the women who call our contact center seeking an abortion, 76% of them said they would prefer to parent if their circumstances were different. Sadly, many women and families believe the lie that a child will only take away from their lives. Before their challenges are removed, it’s hard for many moms facing unexpected pregnancies to see how a child can add joy to their lives and be a huge blessing.  

Through the Continuum of Care program, moms overcome the root causes that caused them to seek an abortion in the first place. And when that happens, they feel free and empowered to choose life for their baby. Something as simple as supplying diapers or job assistance can make a lifesaving difference for the next mom seeking an abortion. 

The truth is women want to be mothers. They want to parent their child. So, thank you for reaching moms and rescuing children from abortion. Your ongoing support allows moms like Nevaeh to be cared for when they need it most. Through your support, more women are being reached and more babies are being saved from abortion.

If you’d like to empower the next mom seeking an abortion to be brave, please consider giving to the Mother’s Day campaign going on right now. You can save the next baby from an abortion when you empower their mom to be brave! See how you can make that happen today: