“Patti” was struggling to reconcile her boyfriend’s wish for her to abort their baby with her own belief in God and her desire to keep their baby. Her boyfriend had plans to go into law/politics, and he didn’t feel a baby would fit into his life. She was feeling terrible inner turmoil and strife when she first came into our mobile care clinic. She was crying uncontrollably and could hardly speak.

However, as our staff compassionately talked with her, Patti agreed to come back to the clinic when she was seven weeks along in her pregnancy, and she agreed to wait until then to decide about abortion.

When Patti returned to our clinic, she was beaming. She said her boyfriend had changed his mind, and the only explanation she could come up with was that, “God is good.” She told the staff during her second appointment that abortion was no longer an option, and she was going to visit her parents and tell them they were going to be grandparents.

After Patti’s little boy was born, Patti and her mother came by the clinic to see the staff. She said she was moving closer to her family, but she wanted to introduce us to her little boy – because she couldn’t leave Charlotte without thanking us. She said, “We are here because of the three of you [staff who served us], and I wanted you to meet my baby and to tell you thank you.”