When “Rey” learned she was pregnant, she went to her local abortion clinic to terminate the pregnancy. However, her credit card was declined, so the nurse suggested she come back in a week and try again. Rey feared that waiting a week would push her into the next trimester of the pregnancy, increasing both the health risks and cost of an abortion.

So the nurse at the abortion clinic suggested that Rey search for a place where she could get a free ultrasound to help determine how far along her pregnancy was. (The abortion clinic would have charged her over $200 for one.)

Praise God that Rey’s Internet search led her to our women’s care clinic and we were able to see her the next day!

During her appointment with our staff, Rey shared that she was trying to finish her college degree and also had a number of career goals that she hoped to accomplish. She and her family had decided it would be impossible for her to graduate and still reach those goals if she had a child. Our staff talked through the circumstances and challenges Rey faced, and we gave her options for dealing with each one.

Next, Rey received a free ultrasound, which revealed that she was pregnant with twins! After seeing her babies on the monitor, Rey was scared and conflicted. The thought of one baby had been challenging enough, but now she’d learned she was pregnant with two! Our staff offered to meet with her again and continue working through the financial and educational challenges of her various options.

Rey left her first appointment feeling overwhelmed and unsure about what her family would think and what they’d want her to do.

When she returned for her next appointment, Rey saw her twins again on the ultrasound monitor and this time, they were dancing and playing with each other. Our sonographer pointed out each baby, and Rey connected with them in a special way. As the ultrasound continued, Rey’s attitude toward her babies changed, and she began to laugh and interact with them. When the ultrasound was over, Rey announced to our staff that she’d decided to keep her babies!

We continue to keep in touch with her, offering assistance to help her meet the financial and physical needs of her babies, as well as spiritual support. Our clinic provides parenting classes, financial assistance, and even spa gift bags to help comfort women as they walk through their difficult circumstances.

Please keep Rey in your prayers as she prepares for becoming a new mom. Through your financial support, we can help more women like Rey realize the gift of motherhood.