“Sandy” had never pictured herself as a parent. Although she and her husband had a loving marriage, they struggled financially. And Sandy believed a pregnancy would exacerbate an existing health condition. Meanwhile, her husband couldn’t seem to hold down a job. So he agreed to an abortion if that’s what Sandy wanted.

After calling our clinic to get information about abortion costs, Sandy’s husband agreed to bring her in for an appointment. While meeting with our Care Coordinator, Sandy shared about the couple’s financial struggles and their fear of becoming homeless. But she also shared her dreams of one day owning a restaurant and overcoming her health condition.

We educated Sandy and her husband about their pregnancy and the risks associated with abortion. As they listened, their hearts began to soften. Maybe they could figure out a way to parent after all.

With the ongoing support of Human Coalition’s staff and volunteers, Sandy and her husband managed to stabilize their marriage. Her husband obtained a good-paying job at a factory, where he also obtained full benefits. This allowed Sandy to stay home with their newborn baby, “Aiden.”

Weeks later, the young family returned to our clinic for a postnatal visit. The transformation in their lives was evident. They glowed with confidence as they showed off their baby boy, and Sandy told us her “maternal instincts have kicked in.” The young mom still dreams of owning a restaurant, and she knows – thanks to the support shown to her throughout her pregnancy, and her newfound ability to overcome obstacles – that nothing is impossible now.