A few weeks ago, I posted you a story about a father who was empowered to fight for the life of his unborn child—thanks to the help he received from one of our affiliate centers. In that post I described how, because of cultural messages that elevate the mother’s choice over the father’s, a man often feels pressured to abdicate his lead role in protecting the life of his child. In much the same way, grandparents often feel isolated and afraid to speak up on behalf of their unborn grandchild.

Because abortion providers such as Planned Parenthood have successfully framed the abortion issue as being a “personal choice,” they have basically eliminated the pregnant woman’s family and friends from having a say during the decision-making process. Part of Human Coalition’s mission is to connect the friends and family members of an abortion-determined woman with counselors who will educate and empower them to advocate for the unborn child.

I’d like to share the story of a mother named Jean who recently found herself in such a position.

When Jean discovered that Katelyn, her 27-year-old single daughter, was pregnant and looking to have an abortion, Jean wanted to support her. So she felt obligated to accept Katelyn’s decision to terminate the baby’s life. As a favor to her daughter, Jean went online to locate an abortion clinic in her area. That’s when Human Coalition connected Jean with a compassionate counselor from one of our affiliate life-affirming centers.

Jean talked through her feelings with the center’s trained counselor. It soon became clear that Jean did not want Katelyn to abort, but she felt it was not her place to tell her grown daughter what to do. Jean felt torn. She wanted to support her daughter’s decision, but she also wanted to speak up on behalf of her unborn grandchild.

With compassion and love, the counselor reminded Jean that as the baby’s grandmother, it was her duty and right to advocate for the baby. The counselor gently talked through the various options that are available to Katelyn so Jean would feel equipped when talking with her daughter. For the remainder of the conversation, the counselor shared with Jean the truth about life in the womb and the painful physical and emotional scars that abortion often leaves behind. Jean hung up the phone feeling informed and prepared to fight for the life of her grandchild.

The following week, Jean called the life-affirming center and excitedly told the counselor that Katelyn had chosen life for her child! Jean also said that once Katelyn realized Jean was prepared to support her through this unplanned pregnancy, they were both excited to welcome a baby into their family.

Jean’s story is not uncommon. At Human Coalition we often hear from the fathers and grandparents of the unborn, as well as family members and friends of abortion-determined women, who want to encourage these women to say no to abortion. But they’re afraid they’ll be intruding on her “personal choice.” However, statistics have shown—and Jean’s testimony illustrates how this is true—that the more support an abortion-determined woman believes she has from her friends and family, the more likely she is to choose life and parent the child.

Therefore, it is imperative that Human Coalition continues to reach out not just to abortion-determined women, but also to the fathers and grandparents of the unborn, as well as any friends and family who are involved. Through our affiliate pregnancy centers, we strive to counsel family members about the emotional and physical dangers associated with abortion so they’ll feel equipped to articulate their reservations to abortion-minded women. We seek to advance the important message that abortion affects more than just the mother long-term; it’s a decision that can negatively impact grandparents, friends, and family for years to come.

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