Human Coalition had one of its best days ever this past Monday, with 13 babies being rescued from abortion in cities across America.

Each story of a life saved has profound meaning and richness.  Here is just one example:

The abortion-minded mother of the baby was helped by one of our partner mobile ultrasound units in Tennessee.  Human Coalition found the mother online, gave her the option to talk about abortion alternatives, and connected her to the mobile unit. She had a powerful conversation with the counselor, and the next day sent in a text message.

It read, “Just wanted to say thank you for everything yesterday!  It really meant a lot to me!  I just left my appointment with the doctor and heard the baby’s heartbeat.  I am doing great and have decided to keep my child.  You made me feel awesome about me as a person and I know I am able! ”

Sometimes the difference between life and death is just the care and compassion of a friend.  This woman’s baby will soon experience the joys of life because a caring person made her feel awesome.

And that’s awesome.