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Can a baby’s life be negotiated by the sum of it’s parts?

Key Players in Video

  • Dr. Mary Gatter, Medical Director at Planned Parenthood Los Angeles until 2014; she now oversees their Pasadena affiliate in addition to her leadership and advisory positions at the national level of Planned Parenthood.

Key Points

  • According to Gloria Feldt, Planned Parenthood Federation of America, the national organization, must have a waiver in order to move forward with the business partnership for selling fetal body parts. This indicates that the national organization is well aware of these processes.
  • Compensation discussed in a way that indicates Dr. Gatter may be personally benefitting from the transaction
  • Discusses possibility of altering the procedure so it is “less crunchy” in order to get more intact specimens.
  • The video indicates that altering procedures without patient consent is illegal. Dr. Gatter states she would have to discuss this with a surgeon, Ian, if the procedure was to be altered without patient consent.
  • This particular clinic does approximately 800 abortions per year, 60 in the second trimester.

Additional Info

  • International Pregnancy Advisory Services (Ipas) is a global nongovernmental organization dedicated to ending preventable deaths and disabilities from unsafe abortion.
  • Definition: Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA) method of abortion involves evacuation of the baby from the uterus using a hand-held plastic aspirator. (
  • Abortion-Care/MVA.aspx)
  • Novogenix Laboratories, LLC, a Planned Parenthood Business Partner (info found at The company will supply the necessary tools to optimize stem cell research and propel regenerative medicine to the forefront of available treatment options for patients. Specifically, these tools will include tissue preparation services and contract research, all conducted in accordance with the highest ethical standards. (Novogenix, 2015)