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Is Planned Parenthood really changing procedures to get fully intact baby bodies?

Key Players in Video

  • PP Director of Research Melissa Farrell (verbage used/statements made in conversation)
    • Her department contributes significantly to bottom line/has history of selling aborted fetal tissue/suggests “splitting the specimens into different shipments” to hide profit
    • “products of conception”
    • Deviate from standards/get creative/interject to specific procurement needs
    • Six providers go beyond 16 weeks
      • Dr’s/providers do research themselves
    • “If” alter process and can obtain intact fetal cadavers is this/splitting shipments is this/dissections is this…it’s all a matter of line items
    • Spoke of researchers looking for 120 cadavers
  • Abby Johnson/Former PP Gulf Coast Clinic Director
    • Estimated that the affiliate had previously made up to $120,000 per month off of aborted fetal tissue.

Additional Info

  • Oldest fetus aborted was 20 weeks old the day the video was taken
  • Pool of fetus tissue
  • 16 to 22 week abortions/40 to 50 per month
  • Technician in video mentioned Kristen Flood/Associate Director & Counsel, Health Center Regulatory Strategy (@ Patient Service Day spoke about fetal collection and encouraged the clinics to take part)