I recently had the opportunity to speak at Christ Community Church in Frisco, Texas about the topic of abortion and how it is affecting the American Church.

Here is an excerpt from the sermon. You can listen to the sermon in its entirety by clicking “play” below…

To the Christian, there should never be such a thing as secular — it’s all sacred. It’s all sacred because Jesus Christ is Lord of all. And all creation, all of the Kingdom, all of earth is in need of God’s redeeming power of Christ and His Kingdom.

Over the last fifty or sixty years, we have seen the American Church continue to separate itself from culture, it wasn’t always like that. Did you know that up until the 1960’s there was a group of religious leaders that reviewed and approved all motion pictures in Hollywood? … They decided to end that in the 1960’s and the motion picture industry went downhill.

Almost every major educational institution in American’s history started as a Christian school or a seminary, and today, IV league schools included, almost all universally reject Jesus Christ.

We have Christian music, we have non-christian music … We have Christian movies, and non-christian movies … We have Christian bookstores, and non-christian bookstores … We have science — and religion.

We have successfully created a Christian sub-culture that no longer speaks to the culture and is almost wholly irrelevant. …