In honor of National Black History Month, the Reverend Dean Nelson joins me on the Human Coalition Podcast to discuss the crisis of abortion in urban communities, and its tragic impact on the African-American church.

Did you know that more than 30 percent of abortions in America take place within the African-American community? It’s time to bring this epidemic to the forefront. Don’t miss this incredibly thought-provoking and honest discussion about race, abortion, and civil rights in America.

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As a pastor, grassroots activist, and the co-founder and vice chairman of the Frederick Douglass Foundation (a national Christ-centered education and public policy organization), Reverend Nelson is uniquely qualified to offer an insider’s look at abortion’s impact on the urban community, drawing heavily on his knowledge of slavery and the civil rights struggle.

Join one of the nation’s leading African-American pro-life voices and myself in a transparent, candid conversation about abortion, the African-American church and community, to learn how different races can work together to protect life.

Click here to listen to my compelling conversation with Reverend Dean Nelson on the Human Coalition podcast.

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