With the new Human Coalition Prayer app, you can now become a 24/7 champion for life, right from your own mobile device.

This innovative new app, available on Apple and Android platforms, takes the mission to end abortion in America to a new level. Harnessing the power of prayer and technology, the new app brings together praying people from across the country for one purpose: to pray for abortion-determined individuals as they walk through their life-decision process.

Human Coalition’s new app notifies users when someone is considering an abortion and invites them to pray. It provides even more personalized features and interaction, allowing the user to see the individual and collective impact of their prayers.

iphone-home-blackThe “Prayer Feed” is the focal point of the app where users can see a real-time U.S. map that indicates where App users are praying. The app’s real-time feed will notify users to:

  • Pray for someone who just placed a call to inquire about abortion
  • Pray for a woman who scheduled an appointment with a pregnancy resource center (PRC)
  • Pray that a woman keeps her appointment at the PRC
  • Pray that a woman who kept her appointment will choose life for her child

iphone-right-screenWith a simple swipe on each notification, users can show they’ve prayed and then share the prayer requests with their social media network. After committing to pray, users can check the “Prayers” screen to see their personal, real-time impact.

  • Users can see the cumulative number of times they’ve prayed for requests and the number of women who’ve made a life decision—those who were prayed for by the user.
  • Users can view how many of their friends are praying, how many prayers have been indicated, and the downstream impact of their social sharing (e.g., friends who’ve been invited by friends, etc.).

Through this highly interactive prayer app, pro-life individuals across the country can engage in the movement to end abortion like never before, using the most powerful of all—prayer. And by showing the collective impact of those prayers, this app will build an actively engaged pro-life community dedicated to praying for individuals facing unplanned pregnancies and for their unborn children whose very lives are at stake.

This month, as pro-life individuals turn their hearts and minds toward the approximately 56 million lives lost to abortion since 1973, take a moment right now and do something powerful that will help bring this silent holocaust to an end.

Click here to download your free prayer app today. Join thousands of pro-life individuals who are interceding through prayer on behalf of women and families in crisis.

Let’s pray our way to ending abortion in America.

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