Donuts with dad…Take your child to work day…Throwing baseballs in the backyard. As a father of two young sons, these are just a few of the everyday events that I’ve grown to cherish over the past 14 years. Even though I’ve had the honor of serving as an executive at several multimillion dollar organizations, writing a few books, and meeting with some of the giants of the faith over the past few years, all of those things pale in comparison to the joy and purpose of fatherhood.


Brian with his two sons.

As the Co-Founder and President of Human Coalition, one of the nation’s largest and fastest-growing pro-life organizations, it is my deepest prayer and greatest hope that dads everywhere would embrace the indescribable joy that comes from being a father. To that end, on this Father’s Day Human Coalition is helping lead the charge to restore the positive influence of fathers in our culture and our nation.

Many believe our efforts at Human Coalition are reaching out to help only mothers-to-be — but we also reach fathers along the way. Oftentimes women in a crisis pregnancy feel driven to search for an abortion provider out of fear that the baby’s father will reject them and won’t stick around to help raise the child.

Alternately, many fathers who are desperate to save the lives of their unborn children are powerless to do so because of the current abortion laws in America. But Human Coalition’s efforts to help save unborn babies also help empower these men to take a hold of their role as fathers, thereby enabling them to help end the cycle of moral poverty that stems from generations of fatherlessness in our country.

It’s time for us to stand together and help men reclaim their position of influence in protecting our children and molding future generations. Will you join this movement?

In an effort to not only help rescue babies from abortion, but also preserve the God-given role of both mothers and fathers, we invite you to join with Human Coalition today. Using a combination of technology and grace, Human Coalition reaches out to abortion-determined mothers and fathers who are on a course to terminate their pregnancies, and we connect them with nearby participating life-affirming pregnancy centers. With truth and compassion, the well-trained staff at these centers encourages, educates, and empowers men and women so they might choose life for their child.

This Father’s Day, we invite you to honor the special dads in your life by making a Father’s Day gift to Human Coalition. Since its inception, Human Coalition has helped rescue over 1,900 babies and their families from abortion, and with your help we can save many more.

Your donation will go far in helping us preserve and protect fatherhood for thousands of men. Please join us in reclaiming the importance of fatherhood in America by helping give LIFE to the unborn today.