Abortion Free, the recent release by Operation Rescue founder Troy Newman, left me both shocked and encouraged. Newman exposes the deplorable conditions of America’s abortion clinics, their predatory practices, as well as how they persistently violate various laws and ordinances. Most importantly, Newman offers a practical guide for how concerned citizens can close them down.

Closing abortion clinics that fail to meet basic health and safety guidelines is a vital part of ending abortion in America, and it’s already happening. Did you know that over 70 percent of abortion clinics have permanently closed over the last twenty years? According to Newman and his colleague Cheryl Sullenger, only 581 surgical abortion clinics remained open at the beginning of 2014. This is down from 2,176 in 1991, according to Life Dynamics Inc., a Pro Life research group.

Abortion Free also offers readers the inside story of the notorious late-term abortionist George Tiller in Wichita Kansas. With vivid imagery, Newman and Sellenger carefully document the sordid details of Tiller’s practice and trial. The book exposes how women were harmed by botched abortions at Tiller’s clinic, as well as the government corruption in Kansas—which went unreported by most media outlets—during his trial.

Most importantly, the book equips a new generation of pro-lifers to save unborn children through lawful, peaceful, yet sometimes risky action. Whether you are a civic leader, political activist, pro-life advocate, pastor or layman, you will learn practical steps you can take to make your community abortion free. The book will help you identify abortionists in your community, pray for them and their workers, research and document abuse, and effectively alert the public about what is taking place. With forms, helpful lists and sample letters, it lays out a complete plan that anyone can follow to save babies and serve humanity, one community at a time.

Ending abortion in America still requires multiple strategies—political, legal and otherwise—but Abortion Free offers an important piece of the puzzle. I found it to be a tremendous resource and recommend it to anyone who values life.

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