I hope you had a wonderful Fourth of July. Jessica, the boys and I celebrated by spending the day with friends, eating an assortment of Texas meats, swimming, and enjoying a few good laughs. I fell asleep before the fireworks but I heard they were great!

In the midst of the parties, I can’t help but feel a deep sadness. We appropriately celebrate our “liberty,” “justice for all,” and “the land of the free.” Yet in the midst of these patriotic celebrations, a troubling truth remains: Every year in America, a large segment of our population is denied the basic rights that form the foundation of our freedoms.

I have written a three-part blog series, in it I explore the reasons why we allow such discrimination to take place, and what can be done to restore “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” for all Americans, born and pre-born.

This was a very difficult series of articles to write, primarily because I am a freedom-loving American. The more I study abortion in America, the more I realize just how horribly we treat the youngest members of our own race. Abortion is evil, discriminatory, and distinctly un-American.

I’m considering turning this topic into a third book on abortion and I covet your prayers in that regard.

1. Discrimination: The Most Hated People Group in America (1 of 3)

A group who discriminates must, by definition, make a value judgment. One group (the Power Group) determines itself to be more valuable than another (the Victim Group). This is what gives one group the fabricated right to treat the Victim Group as property, for their own purposes or for their convenience.

2. Discrimination: The Most Hated People Group in America (2 of 3)

Understand this bold claim of the preborn being the most hated people group in America and to learn more about how you can reverse the widespread hatred directed at the preborn.

3. Discrimination: The Most Hated People Group in America (3 of 3)

Why does our so-called “just” society continue to allow the blatant, rampant, and deadly discrimination against a class of human beings that has no ability to speak for itself or defend itself?

Thank you for standing up for life.