At Human Coalition, we know that in order to save preborn babies, we must first help rescue the parents from making an abortion decision.

That’s why we share compassion, truth, grace, and help with abortion-minded parents and other decision makers involved with an unplanned pregnancy. Whether it’s an agent at our in-house Contact Center or a caregiver at one of our seven Human Coalition women’s care clinics, the members of our team work to ensure that every woman feels heard without judgment or condemnation.

We share compassion, truth, grace, and help with abortion-minded parents. Click To Tweet

Once we understand the root of a woman’s fear about having a baby, we then create an individualized care plan with real-life, practical solutions.

Recently, our Pittsburgh team met with a young woman named “Kara” who was abortion-determined. She visited our clinic with her boyfriend and her mother. As we met with Kara, provided an ultrasound, and educated her about her pregnancy, we were also able to talk with her boyfriend and her mother. As it turned out, only Kara wanted the abortion.

However, once we listened to Kara’s reasons to abort – unemployment, lack of insurance, financial limitations – our Continuum of Care Coordinator was able to build an individualized plan that would assist her in all of these areas. Both Kara’s mother and Kara’s boyfriend were encouraged by the plan. And in the end, all three decided to choose life. Kara has since given birth to twin boys!

This is just one of many examples where a family’s change of heart ultimately rescued a child – or in this case, two children – from death in the womb.

People think that abortion is here to stay in America. I don’t believe that’s true. Click To Tweet

I often talk with people who believe that abortion is here to stay in America and that it’s impossible to end it in our lifetime. I don’t believe that’s true. Many, many times parents will choose abortion due to ignorance, pressure from others, or panic. Yet, when they are given accurate information and a nonjudgmental place to express their concerns, and when they’re connected to others who can genuinely help them – they very often choose life.

One aspect of Human Coalition’s approach that sets us apart in the pro-life movement is our Continuum of Care, as described in Kara’s story. When we dismantle the various obstacles that would prevent a woman from choosing life – financial, material, or emotional – and replace them with practical solutions such as assistance with obtaining affordable health insurance, or job résumé enhancement, or even housing assistance, we also replace fear with hope. And hope is one of the greatest motivators for choosing life.

Another reason why I believe abortion will be ended in our lifetime is because as we rescue children from abortion, we often end a vicious cycle of abortion that plagues a family’s legacy. I can’t tell you how many of our clients have a history of abortion in their family. In many cases, it’s a generational sin that has been passed from grandmother to daughter to granddaughter. But if we can speak life into a family and rescue the next at-risk baby, then we can restore a family legacy and protect future generations.

As we rescue children from abortion, we end a vicious cycle that plagues a family’s legacy. Click To Tweet

We’ve also discovered that our former clients make some of the most effective advocates for LIFE. In fact, Kara and her mother now volunteer at our women’s care clinic to help other abortion-determined women understand there are options besides abortion.

Human Coalition is deeply committed to the unborn, but we are also deeply committed to the family. And if you reach a family with the proper help at the proper time, then you may be able to save not only the baby, but also a family’s legacy.

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