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Laypeople Must Step Up to End Abortion

Posted on: 18 Nov 2019

In the more than 20 years that I’ve been involved in the pro-life movement, I’ve had the privilege of visiting countless churches and interacting with their leaders and congregations. While pastors certainly play a crucial role in the fight against abortion, I’ve come to see how they are not equipped to stop this atrocity on their own. Rather, those best prepared to end abortion are laypeople; average, everyday Christians, just like you.

It’s Time to Take a Side

Posted on: 13 Aug 2019

In 1820, the Mason–Dixon line was named the boundary between the free states that prohibited the practice of slavery, and the slave states that permitted it… At this moment in history, however, we may be seeing the formation of a new Mason–Dixon line.

Abortion and the Church, Part 4: Want to End Abortion? ACT.

Posted on: 02 Jul 2019

Believers know that abortion is a spiritual battle and that prayer is paramount in our efforts. We cannot end abortion without prayer. After all, our struggle is not against flesh and blood.
But I think we all have the temptation at times to believe that because we are praying, there is nothing more we need to actually do to bring about an end to the abortion genocide.

Be Encouraged. Be Renewed. Be Committed.

Posted on: 14 Jun 2019

Be encouraged but remember; we are in this for the long haul. By the grace of God, our commission to rescue those being led away to slaughter is not impossible. But it is difficult. And we still have much work to do to get it done.

Alabama Protects Preborn Children

Posted on: 05 Jun 2019

Alabama is courageously challenging the abortion cartel in America.

Abortion and the Church, Part 3: Is Ending Abortion One of God’s Pressing Moral Priorities?

Posted on: 03 Jun 2019

Estimated Read Time: 5 minutes Is it one of ours? Is rescuing children from abortion…

Abortion and the Church, Part 2: Our Calling to End Abortion is Urgent

Posted on: 21 May 2019

Estimated Read Time: 3.5 minutes Last month on the blog, we confronted the reality that…

The ABC’s of the American Baby Code

Posted on: 11 Apr 2019

You are unfit to have a child, so you will not be granted a permit…

Abortion and the Church, Part 1: It’s Our Job to End Abortion

Posted on: 08 Apr 2019

Estimated Read Time: 4 minutes Every January, pro-life legislators in Washington introduce token legislation they…

Staff Spotlight: Meet Angie Ivey – A Woman with a Heart of Compassion

Posted on: 15 Mar 2019

Angie Ivey met her husband Joe at the age of 18. The two fell deeply…

What Can Be Done?

Posted on: 04 Mar 2019

When we see news stories about politicians openly advocating for infanticide, aborted babies’ body parts…

Born Alive Bill Voted Down

Posted on: 26 Feb 2019

In the last few months, we have seen brutal and fast-moving abortion agendas being rapidly…