For Immediate Release: October 16, 2017
Human Coalition Launches Partnership With Family Research Council

CONTACT: Lauren Enriquez  [email protected]  214.295.7301

Human Coalition is pleased to announce a new partnership with the Family Research Council (FRC) to advance the common goal of strengthening pro-life principles in the culture.

Human Coalition’s Senior Director of Church Outreach, Sean Martin, is enthusiastic about the partnership. “This partnership will help to shape culture through expanding FRC’s Cultural Impact Teams in the cities where Human Coalition has pro-life clinics,” said Rev. Martin. “We will use these teams as another mechanism to activate the church in the fight to make abortion unthinkable and unavailable, while FRC will be introduced to many more churches within those same cities to advance their work of protecting religious liberty.”

The partnership aims to increase the engagement of the church and culture in ending abortion. To this end, Human Coalition and the Family Research Council will collaborate on research and data collection, and work together to educate Americans on abortion and how they can impact the cause.

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