Human Coalition is thrilled to announce that Pregnancy Resource Center of Charlotte (Charlotte PRC) has joined the Human Coalition family of women’s care clinics. Since 1982, Charlotte PRC has served tens of thousands of women in the greater metro Charlotte area, and rescued many children from abortion. As a Human Coalition Women’s Care Clinic, Charlotte PRC has access to best-in-class services that aid the clinic in rescuing even more children and extending compassionate care to more abortion-seeking women.

Charlotte PRC began utilizing Human Coalition’s approach in 2012. And with the help of Human Coalition’s tools and services, Charlotte PRC increased the number of children it rescues from abortion by 345%. Human Coalition and the Board of Charlotte PRC spent months in prayer before members of the Board voted to join the Human Coalition family of women’s care clinics.

In a letter to supporters, Clinic Director Erin Forsythe stated:

By coming under the national organization of Human Coalition, we will benefit from national dollars to supplement our local Charlotte dollars raised… innovative technology and marketing, optimization, human resources and national outreach. This will free us up to do what we do best: serve women and rescue children. It’s a win-win partnership!

Human Coalition President and Co-Founder Brian Fisher extended a warm welcome to Charlotte, saying:

I couldn’t be more thrilled to have this humble, focused and energized group of pro-life warriors working as a part of the Human Coalition family. From the beginning of our relationship, Erin and her team have proven themselves willing to do whatever God deems necessary to save lives. In this case, that means being a part of our family.

Human Coalition – which now includes Charlotte PRC – will make abortion unthinkable and unavailable in Charlotte, by reaching and serving one abortion-seeking woman at a time. To learn more about how Human Coalition is serving families and rescuing children as it works to end abortion city by city, visit


Human Coalition’s abortion-ending strategy fuses technology, best practices and tangible help to compassionately serve the unreached abortion-determined woman. Our team of diverse professionals tirelessly refines proprietary technologies and holistic approaches to rescue children and serve families in America’s most abortion-dense cities.

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