Recently, we received an email from one of our supporters, telling us that her daughter Lily was about to celebrate her 7th birthday. Instead of birthday gifts, Lily had asked her friends and family to bring her baby items to be donated to one of our women’s care clinics. And a few weeks later, we received an overflow of wipes, diapers, and other baby essentials that will now be used to bless the women and families we serve. “She does it every year and has fun picking a nonprofit to support,” Lily’s mom told us. “It’s true that there is more joy in giving than receiving.”

As if Lily’s story weren’t encouraging enough, meet Hailey.

Hailey came to us wanting to donate her $20 allowance to help “rescue babies from abortion.” At just 11 years old, Hailey had heard about Human Coalition from her parents, and she knew she had to do something to help. So Hailey’s parents brought her to our clinic, with $20 in hand, to make her sacrificial gift.

Lily’s and Hailey’s stories remind us that a spirit of giving and a commitment to life can be cultivated even in the youngest souls among us.

As adults, we have an obligation to instruct the next generation about the value of life and our duty to defend it. I’m so thankful for the parents of these two remarkable children. They have clearly instilled in their daughters a respect for innocent preborn children.

Thank you for blessing the clinic, Lily and Hailey! We are so thankful for your boldness in standing up for LIFE.

Would you consider giving a gift today in honor of Lily and Hailey?

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