The newest member of the Human Coalition family of women’s care clinics is Cleveland’s Alternaterm Pregnancy Services. A fixture in the community, Alternaterm has served the women and families of Cleveland, Ohio, for 34 years. Alternaterm has worked alongside Human Coalition since 2013 and now joins it as a Human Coalition Women’s Care Clinic.

Cleveland is one of the most abortion-dense cities in the nation, as approximately 7,000 of the city’s children are killed by abortion each year. Alternaterm chose to join Human Coalition to improve its client services to abortion-determined women. As a women’s care clinic, Alternaterm will have best-in-class services designed specifically to rescue children and serve families.

Clinic Director Pam Gibson shared her enthusiasm for the transition:

We are grateful for the lives we have rescued in Cleveland, and we are even more grateful that our desire to reach more abortion-determined women has been answered by the opportunity to join the Human Coalition family. Our vision is that abortion will be eradicated in Cleveland, and today we feel more equipped than ever to make that vision a reality. We ask for prayers as we embark on this phase of our development.

Human Coalition Co-Founder and President Brian Fisher shared his enthusiasm, saying:

Human Coalition is making abortion unthinkable and unavailable by reaching and compassionately serving one community – one woman – at a time. We are deeply honored to be welcomed into the Cleveland community. The commitment and passion of the Alternaterm staff are inspiring, and I look forward to engaging in the work of rescuing women and serving families together with them.

To learn more about Human Coalition’s work in Cleveland, visit


Human Coalition’s abortion-ending strategy fuses technology, best practices and tangible help to compassionately serve the unreached abortion-determined woman. Our team of diverse professionals tirelessly refines proprietary technologies and holistic approaches to rescue children and serve families in America’s most abortion-dense cities.

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