An injustice is happening right now in Dallas that demands our attention. The Afiya Center put up a billboard in Downtown Dallas, which reads: ABORTION IS SELF-CARE.

Human Coalition has made it our mission to be change agents by boldly standing for life and reaching abortion-determined women with grace and truth. But clearly those in the abortion industry are working just as hard to mislead women and destroy the precious lives they are carrying, by labeling abortion as “self-care.” What a gross injustice to try and mislead black women with this type of propaganda.

The billboard’s message promotes and justifies aborting preborn children as a means of self-care. This twisted concept of destroying an innocent life as a way of taking care of one’s self is misleading to women and an affront to the divine value of life. “Self-care” that extinguishes a beating heart demands our response. This billboard’s message must be silenced with truth and compassion that comes from meeting abortion-determined women where they are.

Furthermore, this billboard advocates aborting black children. How can this not be considered a racial issue? It targets one race and encourages that race to exterminate themselves. The advertisement compares having an abortion to something like a day at the spa. The real message here is that a pro-abortion women’s advocacy group is promoting the purposeful extinction of black children.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an African-American woman is almost five times more likely to have an abortion than a white woman, and a Latina woman is more than twice as likely. So how can we not feel this is a direct message to extinguish a race? What greater threat is there than encouraging a woman to terminate the life of her child?

The very notion that something like abortion – which damages a woman’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being – is a form of “self-care” must be met with opposition and truth.

At Human Coalition, we intentionally reach out to abortion-determined women in some of our nation’s most abortion-plagued cities. And in some cases, we are located just a few blocks away from Planned Parenthood and other big billboards promoting abortion.

We must stand up for preborn children and their rights because they are voiceless human beings and possess divine value.

To equate the taking of a child’s life to routine self-care reduces the value of all human life.

To equate the taking of a child’s life to routine self-care reduces the value of all human life. Click To Tweet

At what point is one life deemed to be of lesser value than another if we continue to devalue the life of the preborn?

As Martin Luther King said, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

Abortion is not self-care. It is an injustice to innocent preborn children, to the women who are being manipulated into believing this terrible lie, and to the families who are left to navigate the devastation of abortion.

Abortion destroys lives, legacies, and entire generations of people. Anything that destroys life cannot be equated with “self-care.”

Abortion destroys lives, legacies, and entire generations of people. Click To Tweet

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