In the last few months, we have seen brutal and fast-moving abortion agendas being rapidly deployed and unashamedly celebrated in various states. With each new strategy to squelch preborn – and now born – life, public outrage is growing in the pro-life community. Many are questioning how we got to this gruesome place in history.

The answer is simple. Our culture has dehumanized unwanted preborn children for over 40 years. Therefore, it only stands to reason it would now dehumanize the unwanted born child.

Considering this recent ruling by the Senate, it’s easy to cast blame or feel hopeless. However, we cannot allow complacency or discouragement to keep us from working even harder. We cannot let this decision deter us from our mission.

We must intervene on behalf of the most vulnerable and restore our culture to one that values ALL life!

Help Rescue a Life

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