The debate about abortion is raging across America in the aftermath of Roe v. Wade’s reversal. 

At this pivotal moment in our nation’s history, those of us who affirm the sanctity of human life must be educated on the pro-life ethic and ready to defend our positions.

We must prepare – not so we can win arguments or debates, but so we can change hearts and minds and help others understand the truth: that life in the womb is valuable and should be protected from the atrocity of abortion.

Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry have spent decades spreading lies to make abortion appear acceptable. These myths have blinded many to the horror of abortion and helped lead to the deaths of nearly 3,000 preborn children each day.    

But thanks to the support of champions of life like you, these lies are being debunked!

At Human Coalition, there are incredible “subject matter experts” working to protect the preborn. They know how to combat the extreme lies of the pro-abortion movement – and they are excited to share with you.

These leaders have all blessed me, and I know their insight and knowledge will equip you for the tough conversations ahead.

#1: The Fetus Is Not a Real Person (Benjamin Watson – VP of Strategic Relationships)

Abortion advocates claim the preborn child is simply a “clump of cells” or a “blob of tissue.” They tell us these boys and girls are not real, living people worthy of life.

This is unscientific and not true.

Ninety-five percent of biologists agree that a person is a distinct human being at the moment of conception. These preborn children possess a complete set of DNA and their own unique chromosomes from the very beginning. They do not progressively become more human with time, growth, and development. Knowing these simple facts helps tear down the lies that pro-abortionists spread daily.

The humanity of preborn children has become more and more apparent to our society over the years thanks to the ever-increasing progress in technology. This includes the widespread use of the ultrasound, which allows us to see a child’s rapid development in utero and the amazing way God knits these image-bearers together (Psalm 139:13).

At six weeks, these children have noses and ears; at eight weeks, they are constantly moving; by 10 weeks, their organs have formed; and at 13 weeks, they have fingerprints. And this is only in the first trimester!

The lie that the preborn are not fully human disguises the brutal reality that at any stage of development, abortion ends the life of a human being…someone fearfully and wonderfully made, someone in need of our steadfast protection.

#2: Abortion is a Woman’s Right (Chelsey Youman – National Director of Public Policy)

Abortion advocates never deal with abortions on its terms. Instead of discussing what they’re advocating for – ending innocent human lives – they make abortion about everything else. For example, they bill abortion as a supposed “fundamental women’s right” that must be protected at all costs – even at the expense of actual lives. 

It begs the question, a right to what? The so-called “right” to abortion is really the right to end a life because abortion always ends in the death of a human being.

The battle cry “my body, my choice” ignores the fact that children in the womb are separate human beings apart from their moms. Our rights end when another’s begin. No one has the right to physically harm or “choose” death for another person, whether that person is located inside her body or out.

Despite what Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry claim, the United States Constitution says nothing about a woman’s “right” to abortion. The ruling in Roe v. Wade that conferred this deadly “right” was egregiously flawed and has resulted in the deaths of over 62 million children since 1973. It is likely that around half of these children, 31 million of them, were girls. What about their fundamental rights? 

The heartbreaking reality is most women who have an abortion don’t do so from a place of empowerment. Rather, 75 percent of moms seeking abortion say they would prefer to parent if their circumstances were different. The movement for life offers these moms true empowerment as we give them the help and hope that enables them to stand on their own two feet and care for their child and family.

Being pro-life is truly being pro-woman!

#3: Abortion is Health Care (Rachel Lane – VP of Family Services)

Planned Parenthood tries to mask the grotesque nature of abortion by labeling it health care and calling it safe.

But abortion is not a run-of-the-mill medical procedure. That’s because any medical procedure that kills an innocent human being is not health care and is not safe.

Not only is a child’s life always lost in an abortion, but the procedure also carries the risk of physical, mental, and emotional complications for moms. These include an increased risk of depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts.

Contrary to what abortion supporters say, abortion is not medically necessary. Even in cases where the mother’s life is at risk, it’s safer for the mom to deliver her child prematurely than to have an abortion while battling health issues. This allows for both the mother and child to live.

The abortion industry has had continual health and safety deficiencies over the years. It harms women – all while making millions in profit – and then leaves women to deal with the consequences. AbortionMemorial.com gives us a glimpse into the heartache and regret many women endure for years.

What women need is compassionate, life-centered care. With pro-life champions walking with them during their moment of desperation and meeting their tangible needs, women can feel hope and empowered, knowing they are ready to make the most important decision for their family: life for their children.

#4: Only Women Can Have an Opinion on Abortion (Dean Nelson – VP Government Relations)

Men are often told we can’t tell a woman what to do with her body. We have no right to have an opinion on abortion or advocate for the child in the womb.

This argument disregards many men’s views on abortion and their role in perpetuating the atrocity for years. From the all-male Supreme Court Justices who decided Roe v. Wade, to the dads who coerce their partners to abort, men have helped pave the way for the slaughter of millions of children.  

Every aborted child has a mother and a father. Implying men should be complacent, without any role or independent thought, glosses over history and morality – and it ignores a man’s responsibility to his family, society, and the Lord.

God’s commandments apply to both men and women. Both of us are instructed to seek justice and rescue the most innocent from harm (Micah 6:8; Proverbs 24:11). And both of us have the duty to care for the vulnerable.

To say one-half of the population shouldn’t have a voice in ending the greatest human rights crisis of our age is unbiblical and dangerous. We need men and women working together to serve moms facing unexpected pregnancies, to rescue preborn children, and to cultivate a culture in which every preborn life is cherished and protected.

#5: Most Americans Support Abortion Rights (Jason Law – Director of Communications)

The abortion lobby claims most Americans support their views on abortion and that the issue is settled in the court of public opinion. End of discussion.

But a recent study by Pew Research shows how Americans have nuanced views that don’t line up with the abortion industry’s radical agenda.  

Only 19 percent of American adults believe abortion should be legal in all cases without exceptions. Most think abortion should be legal in some cases and illegal in others, largely depending on the stage of pregnancy, whether the mom’s life is in danger, if the pregnancy is a result of rape, and whether the child has health problems.

Pew found that most Americans are open to some abortion restrictions. But their study also revealed a big challenge for the pro-life movement: 65% of Americans do not believe that life begins at conception (95% of biologists believe otherwise). They create subjective valuations on these human beings that likely lead them to support abortion in some circumstances but not in others.

It’s imperative that we boldly speak up in the hope of helping these Americans understand the worth of every preborn child. And since most are not nearly as extreme as the abortion lobby, let’s pray that they would be receptive to this lifesaving truth.

In a society where many consider life in the womb as disposable, it’s crucial that those of us in the movement for life shine a light on how abortion is the greatest moral priority in our nation today. Equipping ourselves with knowledge is a critical part of the debate!

On behalf of everyone at Human Coalition, thank you for your advocacy. We are grateful for your partnership in the fight for life and the way you are preparing to defend children in the womb. Together, we can make abortion unthinkable and unnecessary.

What other pro-abortion arguments would you like to see debunked? Comment below


Today is a pivotal time in the fight for life, and pro-life champions like you are needed now more than ever. Learn more on how to get involved in Human Coalition’s lifesaving work here

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