Rooted in Racism – The Negro Project 

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“Negro parents,” Sanger wrote,1 “need birth control to help alleviate some of the needless suffering and heartbreak, to get firmly established on the road to health and better living.” 

Sanger wanted a lot of Americans wiped out, and even harbored special disdain for Black Americans. She instigated the “Negro Project” in 1939.  

The goal was to reduce the Black population. She said this would be done through birth control, but she vocally supported forced sterilization and segregation of the “unfit.” Even Planned Parenthood itself admits2 that Sanger supported the 1927 Supreme Court ruling in Buck v. Bell, that “compulsory sterilization of the ‘unfit’ was allowable under the Constitution.”  

Sanger campaigned hard for the success of her Negro Project and raised funding3 to make it a reality.  

In a letter to her friend Clarence Gamble (of Proctor and Gamble) in 1939, Sanger wrote, 4 “We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.”  

Sanger wanted Planned Parenthood to train Black doctors and ministers to spread the unholy gospel of population control. She believed she could use their trusted leaders to warm Black Americans up to her agenda. 

Planned Parenthood even built a clinic in Harlem targeting the Black community in New York City.  

According to a Planned Parenthood report5 at the time:   

This Clinic started by Margaret Sanger as the Harlem Branch of her Clinic at 17 West 16th Street, New York City, which is the largest of its kind in the world, is the first such clinic to be organized in the interests of negroes. 

Planned Parenthood would go on to place its facilities in minority communities all over America – a practice that continues to the present day.  

The Negro Project did not die with Margaret Sanger.  

The horrifying reality is that in recent years, more Black children in Planned Parenthood’s hub of New York City were aborted than born alive.6  

In 1975, Dr. La Verne Tolbert was invited to sit on the board of Planned Parenthood in New York City. She was one of the only women on the board, and the only person of color. She agreed to join because she thought it could help the women of her community.  

But during her time on the board, Dr. Tolbert learned about abortion methods Planned Parenthood committed. She was so horrified by the information that she ultimately stepped down. She writes7

During the course of my five-year tenure, we received a lot of literature. Most discussed population control and the concern for the growing number of people in the world – poor people… 

I struggled with the question, “Which population are they trying to control?” As a black woman, the question kept coming back to me like a boomerang. I wondered why abortion was more necessary for my ethnic group, why this organization fought so hard to give us this particular “right” when the rights for better education, better jobs, and better housing seemed paramount.  

The racism doesn’t stop at their agenda. Planned Parenthood also has a long history of accepting racist donations with the understanding that the money will be used to kill Black children.  

In a televised debate with U.S. Representative Bob Dornan in 1989, Planned Parenthood president Faye Wattleton admitted8 that Planned Parenthood accepts donations “from people who want to support us because they want all welfare mothers and all Black women to stop having children.”  

In 2008, numerous Planned Parenthood affiliates were caught agreeing to accept donations earmarked to kill Black Americans.9 Calls came from an undercover journalist posing as a racist concerned about his white son being disadvantaged by “affirmative action.”  

The caller told Planned Parenthood of Idaho, “We just think the less Black kids out there, the better.” The Planned Parenthood employee responded with “Understandable, understandable… I’m excited and I want to make sure I don’t leave anything out.”  

It’s no surprise that an organization that targets and kills Black Americans is also accused of racism toward its own Black employees.  

Buzzfeed news reported10 in 2020:  

Black employees [said] they regularly experienced acts of racism and anti-Blackness from their white colleagues but found that when they reported problems to human resources, there was “no meaningful consequence or accountability for racial harm.” 

One gesture of atonement from Planned Parenthood was to remove Margaret Sanger’s name11 from one of its buildings in New York City. 

The fact is that Planned Parenthood doesn’t have a business without discrimination. Removing Sanger’s name will not remove her enduring legacy. Bigotry is the whole game at Planned Parenthood. It will not “reckon” with its racism until it is forced to do so by being closed.  

Justice demands that Planned Parenthood be defunded and shut down. 

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