Dear Friend,

Thank you for rescuing the lives of children by sharing the truth about abortion to mothers like “Kylie”

Kylie was overwhelmed when she found out she was pregnant. The judgment she felt from her own sister unnerved her. Keeping her child didn’t seem like an option.

It all had happened so fast . . . and she feared the child’s dad. Having him in their lives felt dangerous.

As her child grew inside her, Kylie felt scared in so many ways. She was scared to give birth to the child. Scared to have an abortion. Scared

to put the child up for adoption. Scared that the father would find out. Scared she wouldn’t be able to raise the child on her own. Scared of the emotional scarring regardless of what decision she made.

Even so, Kylie had to do something

So she went online to find an abortion clinic that would take care of her overwhelming “problem,” because abortion seemed like the best option . . .

Because of you, Kylie learned the truth about abortion

When Kylie searched to schedule an abortion appointment online, she found the number to Human Coalition’s Contact Center. She called and was immediately connected with a nurse in one of Human Coalition’s Telecare Women’s Clinics.

Kylie shared her story with the telecare nurse — opening up about her fears and worries. Then she asked the most important question that she needed an answer for . . .

“Is my baby alive?”

With the care and compassion of Jesus, the telecare nurse explained the developmental process for the child — sharing that from the moment of conception, the child was alive. The truth of what would happen to the child hit Kylie. Despite this feeling, she still was scared to move forward.

The telecare nurse continued to encourage Kylie, affirming that she wouldn’t be alone and that the entire team at the clinic would be there for her.

But it wasn’t until Kylie saw the sonogram pictures of her child that she knew she couldn’t abort her child. Brimming with hope and determination, Kylie chose life for her child.

Months later, with her family by her side supporting her, Kylie gave birth to her precious little girl, “Emily.” She’s thankful for you and other Human Coalition supporters who provided the resources she needed to choose life.

Kylie’s story is just one example of the lifesaving and life-changing impact your support has on women facing unexpected pregnancies.

Your gift today will reach even more moms who are filled with fear and anxiety over their circumstances. And you can show them the love and hope of Christ that empowers them to become #StrongAsAMother.

Thank You for Choosing Compassion… and LIFE!

Thank you for giving so generously at the close of 2022. Our reports indicate that you helped raise more than $48,611 on Giving Tuesday and an additional $794,891 through the December Year-End campaign. That’s a total of $843,502 of care, compassion, and lives rescued from abortion.

I’m grateful you’re a part of this incredible work of justice, human dignity, and protecting innocent life through your prayers and financial support. Because of you, I believe this shared mission of making abortion unthinkable and unnecessary is increasingly possible.

March for Life 2023

On January 20, Human Coalition, along with other pro-life organizations and individuals, took the message of life to the streets in the 50th annual March for Life event in Washington, D.C. An estimated 100,000 people from across the country participated — this being the first march since Roe was overturned last summer. Be sure to check out Human Coalition at The March to get a firsthand look of this powerful and important experience.

Please Join Us in Prayer!

Here are some specific prayer points to pray for in the weeks and months ahead:

  • Pray for the moms being pushed by Planned Parenthood to take the abortion pill. The abortion pill now accounts for 54% of all abortions, and it’s often prescribed without a doctor’s appointment or medical consultation, putting the mom and child in danger.

  • Pray for more pro-life supporters to get involved in the pro-life movement, because overturning Roe did not end the fight for life and many children remain in danger.

  • Pray for state legislators across the country as they are in the middle of the new legislative session. Pray that more leaders will protect life in their states, rather than enshrine abortion rights.

  • Pray that your church will get involved in the pro-life movement in your local community in the year ahead. So many moms need material assistance, and churches have the unique opportunity to be the hands and feet of Christ to these women in their local communities.

Chad Hennings: Why I Support Human Coalition

“Abortion isn’t just a women’s issue. It’s a man’s issue and a family issue. And a Kingdom issue. I partner with Human Coalition because I believe in the effectiveness of what they’re doing. I hope you’ll consider partnering with them too.”

A Letter From The President

As you read this, please know that Human Coalition has a 26-state strategy being implemented across the country. Because of your support, that means there are boots on the ground at the community level. You’re providing life-affirming resources and compassionate care to moms who are overwhelmed by an unexpected pregnancy.

But you also work more broadly on a national level to help make abortion unthinkable and unnecessary.

And this type of two-pronged approach — and your continued generosity in 2023 — has never been more important.


With abortion legislation now in the hands of the states, this work has become more complex — every state is different. Not to mention that the national conversation about abortion and human life has become more heated and divisive.

While all of that is important and we’re committed to taking a strong stance — armed with truth and grace —you and I MUST never lose sight of the scared mom who needs help right in her moment of crisis.

You and I must be there for each mom seeking an abortion with the resources and support they need to choose life. Through your gifts, entire families are empowered with the long-term care and support they need to overcome their challenges, rather than being overwhelmed by them. Will you give a generous gift today to do just that — to rescue the next child and their mom from abortion?

Together, let’s take more ground in making abortion unthinkable and unnecessary!

God Bless,

Jeff Bradford,

Thank you for reading the Spring 2023 edition of Your Human Connection. As you can see, you are truly making a lifesaving difference to rescue children and families from abortion! Together, let’s continue to make abortion unthinkable and unnecessary. God bless you! 

P.S. — If you’d like to give and rescue even more children and families, please give so that #EveryMom gets the chance to parent their child this Mother’s Day!

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