To defund Planned Parenthood, we must SHOW what it really looks like to really care for children and moms. Then we have to do it.  

First, here’s what you need to know about Planned Parenthood. Long story short: Planned Parenthood does harm for money. 

No Matter How False its Motto Is 

Planned Parenthood’s bogus motto1 is, “Care. No Matter What.” It is an inversion of truth. It says its mission is to, “Help people live full, healthy lives.” 

No Matter How Many Abusers it Helps 

Planned Parenthood portrays itself as a “care” organization. But countless women and girls have been betrayed by the organization when it sided with their abusers. 

A 2018 Live Action analysis2 documented a pattern of Planned Parenthood failing victims of sexual abuse. This includes young girls they are required by law3 to help protect. And all of this as Planned Parenthood publicly brags4 about advocating for these victims. 

In New Jersey, a Planned Parenthood manager enthusiastically offered cover-up strategies5 to undercover investigators posing as a pimp and prostitute running an underage sex trafficking ring.  

Planned Parenthood employees in numerous locations were caught on camera6 instructing who they believed to be a 13-year-old statutory rape victim with a “boyfriend” more than twice her age to lie about how she got pregnant so that they wouldn’t have to report the abuse. One employee gave specific instructions to say she was pregnant by a 14-year-old in her grade.  

Planned Parenthood neglects these young women, kills their children, and sends them back into the arms of their abusers. 

No Matter How Many Women Are Harmed  

Planned Parenthood’s harm to women and girls does not stop with aiding their sexual abusers.  

A St. Louis Planned Parenthood has called at least 81 ambulances7 to the facility since 2009. Nearly all were for medical emergencies including fainting, hemorrhage, stroke, and allergic reactions. 

Women have even died alongside their children at Planned Parenthood. One victim, Tonya Reaves, was just 24 when she went to a Chicago Planned Parenthood for a second-trimester abortion. Reaves hemorrhaged8 at Planned Parenthood and was pronounced dead9 later that day at a hospital. Reaves left behind a one-year-old son who lost both his mother and younger sibling to Planned Parenthood. 

Here’s what YOU can do to help protect children and moms.  

A Life-Affirming System of Care Can Make Planned Parenthood Obsolete 

The Rescue Trifecta: 

  • Churches 
  • PRCs 
  • National Organizations 

With its massive revenue and deep roots in the government, community, and culture, Planned Parenthood has the resources to offer hope and solutions to the woman facing an unexpected pregnancy. But Planned Parenthood doesn’t solve her actual problems. It doesn’t assist her with housing, healthcare, job training, or relationship help. Instead, it kills her child for money and sends her away with all the problems that brought her there. It perpetuates abortion by refusing to extend the solutions she actually needs.  

The good news is that the pro-life movement is equipped to serve the real needs of the pregnant woman.  

Churches are an indispensable source of community, support, and connection to local resources for the women and families in greatest need of compassion. There is no cultural or governmental institution equipped to take the place of the church in this regard.  

It was this compassion from a local church community that empowered Human Coalition client Gloria to embrace the life of her child, knowing she would not walk alone.  

When Gloria discovered she was pregnant, the father wanted nothing to do with the child and pressured Gloria to abort their daughter. Gloria felt she would be completely alone if she chose life. 

But after contacting Human Coalition, Gloria was connected with a local church who rallied around her. Strangers became friends, and friends became family. After her baby shower, Gloria joined that church and is still a faithful member four years later. Gloria’s children are growing up in a community of believers who love them and are invested in their future. 

Pregnancy Resource Centers (PRCs): According to the Charlotte Lozier Institute,10 there are approximately three thousand PRCs in the United States, and “Their aim is to provide women with holistic care – emotional, physical, relational, material, practical, and spiritual – and broad-ranging resources as well as support referrals typically at no or very low cost, all to enable women to both give birth to their children and pursue their life goals, rather than to see their children’s lives abruptly ended by abortion. 

Human Coalition has found that 76% of the women they serve report that they would prefer to parent if their circumstances were different.  

And it is PRCs – not the abortion industry – that address the main reasons13 women give for seeking an abortion. PRCs work to change her circumstances so that both she and her child can flourish.  

PRCs outnumber Planned Parenthood facilities by 14-to-1. When pro-life advocates boost the funding, manpower, and marketing capabilities of these PRCs, they work to seriously endanger Planned Parenthood’s exploitation of pregnant women.  

National Organizations: For decades, the pro-life movement has been building a network of national organizations, each addressing a different need in the fight to end abortion. They work to defend the humanity of the child in the womb and the dignity of pregnant women through apologetics, activism, service, and grassroots organizing.  

The reversal of Roe v. Wade is a reminder that the persistent, faithful fight of the pro-life movement has an impact. Small actions over time done in faith do reach a critical mass – a tipping point that changes everything. National pro-life organizations have driven much of this success, despite being out-staffed and outspent by their opponents for fifty years. 

Protected by the wealthiest and most powerful allies in the country, Planned Parenthood is the giant Goliath facing down David fighting for life. The reversal of Roe did not cause Planned Parenthood to acknowledge defeat and walk away. Instead, it motivated the entire abortion industry to redouble its deadly efforts to enshrine abortion in law and culture. 

With hundreds of corporations11 and mega-donors12 pouring money into the coffers of Planned Parenthood and its allies, pro-life Americans must be cognizant of the movement’s need to scale and adapt to a changing landscape.  

So, find your place in the “rescue trifecta.” Bring pro-life action into your church community, assist your local pregnancy resource center, or support a national pro-life organization. It’s making a difference! 

To learn more about the atrocities of Planned Parenthood, download the FREE eBook, “The Complete Guide to Defunding Planned Parenthood”.

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