Dear Friend,

Thank you for rescuing “Selinda” and her baby girl before it was too late!

When Selinda realized a baby was growing inside her, she could only shudder with fear.

When sharing with those closest to her, she found very little support. In fact, the biggest influences in her life demanded she take care of the “problem.” It was a terrible and devastating situation. Thankfully, Selinda was able to escape.

Being on her own, though, Selinda didn’t know how she’d ever be able to take care of a child. As she recalls, “I thought I had to get an abortion . . .”

That’s when Selinda visited a Human Coalition pregnancy center in her area. And that made all the difference in the world . . .

Selinda “saw” her baby for the first time

Selinda came to the pregnancy center to learn more about her options. But really, she still intended to have an abortion.

While there, she received a free ultrasound. She was stunned when she learned she was carrying a baby girl. “When I found out that I was going to have a daughter,” Selinda says, “I started thinking that I’d never be able to hold her.”

Selinda received a “love box” that changed everything

Even so, Selinda was still on the fence. When she left the pregnancy center, she didn’t leave empty- handed. In collaboration with Embrace Grace, she received a “love box” that was packed full of diapers, formula, and other necessities — including a onesie with the words, “Best Gift Ever.”

“When I saw that onesie, I knew I couldn’t get an abortion,” Selinda says.

Selinda chose life for her little girl! And because of you, she had a team that walked with her throughout her pregnancy and beyond, ensuring that she had everything she needed to be a mom to her baby girl.

Your support saves lives Today, you wouldn’t recognize Selinda. She glows like only a new mom can — and you can see her strength on display like never before.

This is the impact of your support today. Rather than having to navigate these challenging circumstances alone, Selinda had a compassionate support team ready to walk with her and support her.

This incredible story is just one example of the lifesaving and life- changing impact your support has on moms facing unexpected pregnancies and the child they’re carrying.

Your gift today will rescue the next child from abortion. You can show the love and hope of Christ and empower other moms like Selinda to choose life for their child.

Being Pioneers in the Pro-life Movement!

Since 2007, many pro-life advocates like you have supported Human Coalition with the desire to pioneer creative innovations to reach women, rescue children, and restore families. This innovation will continue until abortion becomes unthinkable and unnecessary. Here’s a quick recap of what you’ve made possible over the years so far!

2007 — INITIAL IDEA: The inspiration to reach moms seeking abortions with internet marketing.

2010 — FIRST CHILD RESCUED: Pioneered the use of search engine marketing to rescue the first child from abortion.

2013 — CONTACT CENTER: Created a central contact center to serve moms responding to the ads.

2014 — BRICK-AND-MORTAR CENTERS: Established the first-ever Human Coalition pregnancy center that would focus mainly on serving moms facing crisis pregnancies and seeking to abort.

2016 — CONTINUUM OF CARE: 76% of moms would prefer to parent if their circumstances were different. The Continuum of Care program was launched to meet the tangible needs of moms that were prompting them to seek an abortion.

2018 — TELECARE: The needs of moms were urgent, and they desired to speak with a nurse faster. Getting transportation to the centers was also a challenge. Pro-life pioneers got behind the launch of telecare to connect moms to counseling immediately.

2019 — HUMAN COALITION ACTION: Because of the knowledge and insight obtained from serving women directly, Human Coalition Action was started, which has pioneered innovative pro-life legislation that tackles the most-pressing needs of moms seeking abortions.

2023 — AND BEYOND… Your continued support will accelerate a 26-state strategy being implemented to reach and serve more moms seeking abortions. There’s still so much to be done to make abortion unthinkable and unnecessary in America!

Please join us in prayer!

Here are some specific prayer points for the weeks and months ahead as children go back to school:

  • Pray for the moms and families who are mourning as they’re reminded that they chose abortion instead of life, with the back-to-school season coming soon. (Romans 12:15)

  • Pray for moms considering abortion right now to be empowered to choose life, so they can experience a first day of school as well as the joy of many more milestones with their child. (Psalm 127:3)

  • Pray that abortion will become unthinkable and unnecessary because all moms are equipped with the truth, hope, and help they need to choose life. (Proverbs 24:11)

Thank you for saving babies on Mother’s Day!

Because of your faithful support along with so many others from around the country, the Challenge Grant goal of raising $125,000 by Mother’s Day was exceeded. In fact, together we raised more than $145,396 through your compassionate and generous response. Thank you for being a part of this ministry and mission to rescue children from abortion across America.

A Letter From The President

As you read this, abortion is only banned in 14 states. That means abortion is still widely available in at least 72% of the country. But even worse, Planned Parenthood is going to the extreme to push the abortion pill regardless of restrictions. Even in states where abortion is banned, the pill is being sent illegally by mail, without any doctor visits, across state lines.

Because of this increased access to the pill, abortions are happening privately in homes across the country. Behind closed doors, children in the womb are losing their lives every day.

In fact, the abortion pill is responsible for 54% of the abortions across the country.

Right now, as I’m writing this, major pharmacies like CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid are preparing to dispense the abortion pill in an effort to get it into the hands of as many moms as possible.

The fight for the lives of babies — and their moms — is not only still going on, but also has intensified in the last year.

The fight has grown from abortion clinics to every mailbox across America.

That’s why it’s so critical for you and me to be there for each mom seeking an abortion right now, providing the resources and support they need to choose life.

Please remember: It only costs $26 to connect the next mom seeking an abortion with life-affirming care, where she will receive compassionate help and hope from health care professionals.

You can empower her to choose life and rescue the next child from abortion with your gift today.

If you’d like to #RescueOurFuture from the deadly abortion pill, please know a $100,000 Matching Grant will DOUBLE the lifesaving impact of your gift today.

Will you give a generous gift today so the next mom will have the chance to say “YES” to parenting her child? Will you give to rescue the next child from abortion — before it’s too late?

Thank you for being a part of this pioneering and growing coalition rescuing children at this important time. Please know you’re making abortion unthinkable and unnecessary.

God Bless,

Jeff Bradford,

Thank you for reading the Summer 2023 edition of Your Human Connection. As you can see, you are truly making a lifesaving difference to rescue children and families from abortion! Together, let’s continue to make abortion unthinkable and unnecessary. God bless you! 

If you’d like to #RescueOurFuture from the deadly abortion pill, please know a $100,000 Matching Grant will DOUBLE the lifesaving impact of your gift today:

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