Dear Friend,

“Miraya” didn’t want a baby. Her life was already so chaotic.

Miraya’s husband had just walked out on her, and she didn’t know how she would support herself. She didn’t want to bring a baby into the mess.
Further, everyone in Miraya’s life was encouraging her to abort. Seeing Miraya’s anxiety and uncertainty, they told her that an abortion was an easy way to fix the “problem.”

But it didn’t feel right to Miraya. When she spoke with a Human Coalition nurse, she admitted that she didn’t want to abort her child. Miraya didn’t think she could live with the guilt.

At the same time, though, she was scared she wouldn’t be able to raise the child on her own…

Miraya’s obstacle to choosing life
It soon became clear to our team that Miraya’s biggest obstacle to choosing life was her fear of not being able to afford a child. After all, she’d been out of the workforce for several years, and now she was pregnant. Who would hire her?

That’s when Human Coalition social workers got to work helping build Miraya’s résumé so she could actively search for a job to support her family.

Over the course of the following weeks, her care team stayed in constant contact with Miraya, praying for her and counseling her as she continued to consider abortion, parenting, or adoption for her child.

Miraya “sees” her baby for the first time
Upon Miraya’s third visit to the pregnancy center, an ultrasound revealed her baby and its strong heartbeat glowing on the monitor.

It was in that moment, overwhelmed by the sight of her child, Miraya chose life.

Because of your support, we’ve stayed close to Miraya, helping her find a job to help relieve the financial stress she felt. Recently she welcomed her baby boy, “Jonathan,” into the world. Now she can’t imagine life without him.

Miraya’s story is just one example of the wraparound love and care of Christ your support provides moms like her. This is the lifesaving and life-changing impact you are having on women facing unexpected pregnancies every day.

Your gift today will reach the next mom who is filled with fear and anxiety over her circumstances too. You can rescue the next child in danger of being aborted here:

March For Life 2024

On January 19, Human Coalition, along with other pro-life organizations and individuals, took the message of life to the streets in the 51st-annual March for Life event in Washington, D.C. More than an estimated 100,000 people from across the country participated.

With you by our side, we will continue to work to make abortion unthinkable and unnecessary. Thank you for your ongoing support to see the fulfillment of this important vision in 2024. 

Thank you for choosing compassion and LIFE!

Thank you for giving so generously at the close of 2023. I’m excited to share that your prayers and generosity translated into more than $50,802 of funding on Giving Tuesday and an additional $1,090,690 through the December Year-End campaign.

That’s a total of $1,141,492 of care, compassion, and lives rescued from abortion. Thank you for your compassion and partnership to make abortion unthinkable and unnecessary.

Please join us in prayer in 2024!

Here are some specific prayer points for the weeks and months ahead:

Pray for expectant moms who are searching for information about abortion on the internet, that God would enable us to reach them first with help and hope… before the abortion industry reaches them with the lie that abortion is their only option.

Pray this Easter for moms and families to find salvation in the resurrected Christ. With the tangible support they need and a relationship with Jesus, families are truly empowered to thrive long into the future.

Pray for moms as Mother’s Day approaches. Pray that those who are uncertain about their pregnancies will be blessed by immediate, compassionate, and life-affirming care — and choose life for their children. Pray for post-abortive moms who will be reminded of their decision to abort as everyone else is celebrating motherhood.

Human Coalition is our ally and friend.
We trust Human Coalition.
They have our back. I know they
are fighting the good fight. I know they pray for us. And
I know that I can pick up the phone with a question and they have answers. So they are an incredible resource and are incredibly supportive. And I don’t think we could do this job without them.

Janet Custer
CEO, Sanctity of Life Ministries in Virginia

Thank you for making a difference both nationally and locally!

I’m excited to share that we reached an incredible milestone toward the end of 2023 — rescuing our 28,000th baby from abortion.

It’s a huge achievement . . . and one that could never have happened without your prayers and support. I hope you’ll celebrate with us. More than that, I hope you’ll be inspired
to do more to rescue more lives in the year ahead!

As you read this, there’s another mom searching the internet for an abortion. She’s not pursuing it because she wants one, but because she feels like she has no other option. That’s the truth for most moms facing an unexpected pregnancy.

You can reach her right now and empower her to know that she can choose life, providing her with:

  • A free ultrasound and the chance to hear her baby’s heartbeat
  • Compassionate, life-affirming care from licensed healthcare professionals
  • Access to tangible resources that will ease her burdens

So, will you give a financial gift for the next mom and her baby, saving them from an abortion today?

Will you give your best gift to save them from the devastation of abortion — before it’s too late for them?

Together, we can save the next 28,000 babies from abortion by supporting their moms and
providing the hope they need to choose life.

Thank you in advance for your commitment to making abortion unthinkable and unnecessary!

God bless,

Jeff Bradford

Thank you for reading the Spring 2024 edition of Your Human Connection. As you can see, you are truly making a lifesaving difference to rescue children and families from abortion! Thank you for saving them and empowering moms to be brave. You’re such a blessing!

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