Audrey’s Story

Audrey faced the most difficult decision of her life.

After a year with her boyfriend, what once had seemed like true love had cooled to jealousy. Audrey knew she needed to get out of the
relationship quickly.

But after the break-up, Audrey found out she was pregnant. She could barely make ends meet as it was . . . how in the world was she supposed to take care of a baby?

“I felt so alone,” Audrey remembers. “I felt alone, hurt, angry, sad, and
confused. I felt like abortion was the only option for me.”

When she called Human Coalition’s pro-life Telehealth Care Center, the only thing Audrey could utter to the voice on the other end of the line was, “I can’t do it!”

Audrey never expected to feel so loved by the stranger on the other end of the phone. She poured out her heart — sharing her concerns, her feelings, and even her guilt.

The Human Coalition nurse asked her to come to the clinic immediately. While there, Audrey received prayer and counsel. But she also was given the tangible help she needed that empowered her to make a decision for life — the assistance to cover her medications, food, and support to cover the costs of her living expenses.

“I never felt so much support, love, and trust,” Audrey says. “After all that, I felt like I could do it.” Today, Audrey’s son, Mason, is alive. “Mason is awesome. And I know the sky is the limit for him. Without you, I know he wouldn’t be here today.”

This is just one example of the lifesaving power of your support.

Through our life-affirming Telehealth Care Centers, your generosity is providing the same excellent care as our Brick-and-Mortar Health Care Centers, but with greater reach and more immediate access to a medical professional and to our Continuum of Care program.

For an at-risk woman like Audrey, your prayers and support make a real life-or-death difference. That’s why your continued generosity is so important.

Thank you for you continued support of the Continuum of Care program and dedication to empowering moms like Audrey with the help and hope they need to choose life!

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