Cinthia’s Story

“Cinthia” had just gotten out of an abusive relationship and was on the verge of homelessness.

Life had never been easy. But out of a home, living with a relative, and already struggling to care for an 11-year-old daughter, another baby seemed like it would be too much to handle.

“Not having him would have been easier than keeping him,” Cinthia said, as she remembers her mindset when she found out she was pregnant.

Driven by fear, Cinthia began looking for an abortion clinic. But instead, she reached Human Coalition’s Contact Center.

During her conversation with the Contact Center, the agent compassionately listened to Cinthia’s story, fears, and anxiety, and offered to help – not just with choosing life, but with her physical, emotional, and tangible needs that would come long after her pregnancy and birth of her child.

The agent helped Cinthia schedule an appointment at one of Human Coalition’s life-affirming women’s care clinics. When Cinthia arrived at the clinic, she was still wrestling with what to do, but agreed to an ultrasound. In the ultrasound room, she saw her baby for the first time moving around on the screen. She realized then that there was no way that she could have an abortion – especially since she knew the team at Human Coalition was ready and willing to help.

Long-term Support Through Continuum of Care

After Cinthia chose life, Human Coalition’s Continuum of Care team went to work finding resources to meet her needs.

Through the program, Cinthia received support to begin saving for an apartment. She was also connected to an Adopt-a-Family event and was showered with love, support, and friendship during their special Christmas event.

Moreover, through relationships Human Coalition helped her develop at a local church, the security deposit for Cinthia’s new apartment was paid, and she and her daughter received Bibles. Not only that, but another church group stepped in and completely furnished her apartment.

Thank you for being there for moms like Cinthia.

Because of your partnership, women in crisis are finding long-term care and support through the Continuum of Care program. They are gaining access to the resources they need to build a stable life for their families. They are being empowered to choose life for their children.

Thank you for you continued support of the Continuum of Care program and dedication to helping moms like Cinthia, and their families!

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