Jenn’s Story

“Jenn” couldn’t face her family.

How could she tell her parents that she was pregnant? What would they think? Would they even still talk to her? She felt overwhelmed with fear and anxiety, until it became too much. She decided she had no other option but to get an abortion, so she scheduled an appointment at the nearest Planned Parenthood.

The day of her appointment came, but Jenn had a problem: she couldn’t find the Planned Parenthood location. While driving around trying to find the building, she came across the Charlotte Women’s Clinic – one of Human Coalition’s life-affirming women’s care clinics. When she walked in, the staff offered to meet with her right away.

Then, everything changed.

I hope you will take some time to watch the video of Jenn’s incredible story, in what she says was “totally a God thing.”

Thank you for your support

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We are so thankful for your dedication to rescuing preborn children and their families from abortion! 

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