From the outside looking in, “Cindy” had nothing good to offer her baby. A former drug addict who still used recreational marijuana and alcohol, she had a strained relationship with her mother. While she divided her time between college and work, Cindy struggled to get ahead in life. And a recent doctor’s appointment revealing a prediabetic condition sealed Cindy’s decision. By the time she visited our women’s care clinic, she was set on getting an abortion.

Our Care Coordinator listened to Cindy without judgment or condemnation. Even when Cindy revealed she’d already made an appointment at Planned Parenthood for a medical abortion, we continued to lavish her with love and compassion. Though she chose not to watch our abortion video, she did allow prayer at the end of her appointment.

During the following week, we kept in constant contact with Cindy, encouraging her and reminding her that we were there for her. When she returned to our office for a second ultrasound – with two of her best friends by her side – Cindy seemed more open to the possibility of parenting. A recent conversation with her post-abortive sister-in-law had made her second-guess whether an abortion was the best option.

By the time she left our women’s care clinic that day, Cindy was leaning toward choosing life… but the dreaded conversation with her mom weighed heavy on her heart. We counseled her on ways to tell her mom about the pregnancy, and again, we prayed with Cindy before she left.

A month later, Cindy returned for a repeat ultrasound. To say she was a different person would be an understatement. Bubbly and excited, Cindy reported how her conversation with her mom couldn’t have gone any better. With her friends and family by her side, plus the support of our team, Cindy was ready to parent.

Over the next several months, Cindy took parenting classes at our clinic. She was a star student. She also took advantage of the many services we offer, including access to free baby supplies.

Today, “Baby Benjamin” is the light of her life. He is loved by his grandmother and his many “aunts” who continue to support Cindy as a new mom.

All of those dark fears that echoed in Cindy’s mind during her initial visit to our clinic have disappeared. Thanks to your generosity, Cindy and her child were shown compassion and practical help in the midst of their crisis. Together, we can celebrate one more life rescued and another family restored.