“Kylynn” was excited to start school, but a positive pregnancy deflated her joy. After searching online, she found the Human Coalition 800 number and made a call that would change her life forever.

One of our Contact Center call agents scheduled an appointment for Kylynn at our women’s care clinic. And within a few days, she was walking through our doors with her boyfriend and family by her side.

Kylynn’s family was adamant that she get an abortion. On the other hand, her boyfriend wanted to keep the baby. By the time Kylynn met with our Care Coordinator, she was confused and discouraged. The obstacles before her seemed impossible to overcome.

Our team gave Kylynn and her family hope. We directed them to social services within their community that would help alleviate the financial and emotional stress that comes with an unexpected pregnancy. As we talked through their options, Kylynn’s family grew excited about the possibility of welcoming a baby into their family.

An ultrasound revealed a healthy, active baby rolling and waving. Shocked by the baby’s size and development, Kylynn’s family started making plans for how they would care for this new life. Meanwhile, Kylynn’s eyes puddled with tears as her family united behind her decision to choose life.

Our team continued to walk with Kylynn and her family throughout the pregnancy, so she would have all the resources she needed to be a great a parent.

This ministry couldn’t happen without people like you stepping up and lending support to vulnerable women like Kylynn. Whether you realize it or not, you are the engine that keeps our mission of rescuing children and families from abortion moving forward. Thanks to you, Kylynn’s baby will have a chance at life!