“Daisy” visited our clinic with her 2-year-old son “Josh” in tow. From the pained look on her face, we immediately sensed she was struggling to decide what to do about her unexpected pregnancy. As our volunteers played with Josh in the waiting room, Daisy met one-on-one with our Care Coordinator, sharing the fear and indecision that gripped her heart.

Yes, she and the baby’s father, “David,” loved each other and their other children. Of course she knew this unplanned baby was a blessing. Indeed, Josh and the baby’s other siblings would be thrilled to welcome him or her into the family. But when Daisy considered her family’s tenuous financial situation – and the fact that neither she nor David had a well-paying job – she felt trapped. Maybe abortion would be the best solution for everyone involved.

Our Care Coordinator spent time with Daisy, walking her through the emotional and physical risks associated with abortion. We encouraged Daisy to consider how much she loves her other children and to imagine what a blessing a baby would be. We provided the names of local services where she could access financial assistance. And most importantly, we reminded her that God is sovereign and He would provide for their family. Daisy agreed.

Some time later, David accompanied Daisy when she returned to our clinic for an ultrasound. And they announced they were choosing life!

In the months that followed, Daisy and David’s lives changed dramatically. They got married and moved from their tiny apartment into a house. David started his own business, and Daisy got a job at a local upscale restaurant. Most importantly, Daisy gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. When they returned to our clinic for a postnatal visit, Daisy could not have been more grateful. “Thank you for everything. We love all the gifts, and we truly appreciate your support.”

In the end, Daisy realized that no matter how financially strapped a person might be, you cannot put a dollar amount on a life. Today, this family has the blessing of a home, a new baby, and a solid marriage.

“She’s such a blessing to me,” Daisy says about her baby girl. As big brother Josh smothers his little sister with kisses, it’s clear that he agrees!

Thank you for supporting Human Coalition in our work to rescue Daisy’s baby girl. Together we are saving lives!